Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Senator Jon Kyl Opposes $1 Billion Tax Hike

Senator Jon Kyl Opposes $1 Billion Tax Hike

Urges Voters to Stop the War on Job Creators


PHOENIX — Senator Jon Kyl today announced his opposition to Proposition 204 because of the negative effects it will have on Arizona’s job growth. Proposition 204 breaks the promise that the one-cent sales tax increase passed in 2010 would remain temporary.

“We must stop this war on job creators,” said Senator Kyl. “Arizona’s unemployment rate has been above eight percent for nearly four years. That’s too high, and a sign that our local economy is still struggling.”

A State Tax Analysis Modeling Program developed for the Goldwater Institute by economists at the Beacon Hill Institute recently found that if passed, the $1 billion in new taxes created by Proposition 204 could cost Arizona
15,000 new private sector jobs each year.

“Permanently raising taxes prevents business owners from reinvesting earnings, growing their businesses, and creating new jobs,” added Kyl. “We need entrepreneurs and business owners to know that Arizona is business-friendly; having the second highest sales tax rate in the country sends the wrong message.”

Passage of Proposition 204 will prevent much needed simplification of Arizona’s already convoluted sales tax code. It will also drive consumers to the Internet, or out of state, in order to avoid paying additional taxes.

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