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Re-elect Andy Kunasek - The Arizona Republic

October 25, 2012 07:39 PM

Considering the years-long turmoil that Andy Kunasek has weathered as a Maricopa County Supervisor, it would be a cruelty to conclude he does not deserve re-election.

Of course he does.

Kunasek has been a consistent defender of the taxpayer's interest, advocating for solid services at a fair price.

His leadership is a major reason Maricopa County now boasts a $400 million surplus just a few years after the county endured a perfect storm of financial near-collapse and political turmoil of operatic proportions.

The Arizona Republic recommends that voters return Kunasek to office in District 3.

A Republican, Kunasek is opposed by Democrat Lilia Alvarez, an attorney and a founding member of Citizens for a Better Arizona, the protest group highly critical of the board for not taking a stronger stance in opposition to Sheriff Joe Arpaio's anti-illegal immigration policies.

Led by Alvarez's husband, Randy Parraz, the group also played a critical role in ousting former Senate President Russell Pearce from the Legislature.

Passionate, well-prepared and with a sound organization backing her, Alvarez is a credible candidate. But it is difficult to discern where her activism ends and her professed dedication to representing a diverse county district begins.

In short, it is unclear to what degree Alvarez would consider foiling Joe Arpaio's interests to be Job One.

It is especially befuddling that she has opted to run against Kunasek, who for months braved the furious abuses of police power directed his way by Arpaio's former Chief Deputy David Hendershott and others.

Through the darkest hours Maricopa County has ever known, Andy Kunasek kept his head, emerging with integrity well intact. That alone qualifies him for another term.

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