Thursday, September 27, 2012


The undefeated ARIZONA CARDINALS continue to be the surprise of the 2012 NFL season! Another awesome game by the Cardinals Defense, who sacked & totally confused Eagles QB Michael Vick on numerous plays. The Cards face the Miami Dolphins in Glendale this Sunday!

I'm sure by now you have all seen the HORRIBLE call in the Monday Night Football game. In over 40+ years of watching NFL games, I have never seen a worst call than the final play in the GB vs SeaGulls. The Packers got HOSED by the replacement Refs. This could very well affect the Cardinals down the road as the SeaGulls should have lost that game. NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell should be 'tar & feathered'. Good thing, looks like the NFL is finally coming to their senses and we may have the regular officials back for this weekends games.

Watch the play everyone is talking about below:
NFL Week 4
Bye week
Colts, Steelers

Thursday, Sept. 27

Browns 21 at Ravens 35

Sunday, Sept. 30

Patriots 35 at Bills 31
Titans 31 at Texans 35
Chargers 21 at Chiefs 24
Vikings 24 at Lions 27
Panthers 21 at Falcons 40
Seahawks 21 at Rams 24
49ers 30 at Jets 31

Dolphins 10 at Cardinals 31
Raiders 24 at Broncos 27
Bengals 31 at Jaguars 24
Saints 31 at Packers 35
Redskins 24 at Buccaneers 31
Giants 31 at Eagles 34
Monday, Oct. 1

Bears 27 at Cowboys 31

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