Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Turn: Why we're choosing Bob Worsley!

Bob Worsley is a good man who has agreed to run for the state Senate from new District 25. We have met him, talked to him, questioned him and are impressed with his vision, his values and his abilities. He is a businessman, not a career government employee or longtime politician.

Bob is a fiscal conservative. He believes in the principles of limited government, limited taxation and a balanced budget. Bob knows how to create jobs, having founded SkyMall and other businesses that have created nearly 1,000 jobs in Arizona. He understands that competition in the free market is more effective in creating jobs and economic growth than are increased government spending and overregulation of industry.

Bob is also a social conservative. He opposes abortion on demand, champions traditional marriage and views the constitutional mandate to provide public education as one of the highest priorities of Arizona government.

For these and other reasons, Bob Worsley has the endorsements of Sen. Jon Kyl; the entire Mesa City Council and many former council members; the Mesa Chamber of Commerce; the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Tourism; the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce; Mesa legislators Rich Crandall, Jerry Lewis and Steve Court; present and past leaders of Mesa schools; and many other of our friends and neighbors.

While in past elections some of us have supported Worsley’s opponent, we believe it is time for a change.
His opponent’s record of supporting a sham candidate, claiming phony endorsements, falsely accusing a good man of stealing backpacks from homeless children, accepting thousands of dollars in Fiesta Bowl tickets and freebies from lobbyists, and sending racist e-mail messages do not represent the values of a true conservative.

Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying: “Stand with anybody that stands right, stand with him while he is right and part with him when he goes wrong.” We invite all who have stood by Bob’s opponent in the past to join with us in supporting true conservative values by voting for Bob Worsley.

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The following people wrote this column: Steve and Julie West, John and Dawn Giles, Ross Farnsworth, Dea and Marcia Montague, Randy and Jenny Richardson, John and Jane Wright, Larry and Adele LeSueur, Brent and Linda Ellsworth, Beth Coons, Don and Nansi Hobbs, Damon and Colleen Wheeler, David and Kathy Palmer, Dave Udall, Heather Sandstrom and Mesa Councilman Dave Richins.

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