Friday, August 24, 2012

Lori Klein's Exploits Documented in New Ad


Arizona Business Coalition highlights Lori Klein’s greatest gaffes in 30-second spot
PHOENIX - The Arizona Business Coalition today released a 30-second ad that presents to voters in Legislative District 1 a rundown of Lori Klein’s embarrassing record of gaffes and missteps.
The ad, entitled “Lori Get Your Gun,” charts Klein’s veritable treasure trove of goofs, including pulling a gun on a newspaper reporter[1] and referring to the chamber of commerce as “communists.” [2]
“In between ferreting out the red threat from the Chamber office, we prepared this video,” Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry Comrade in Chief Glenn Hamer said. “The ad is tongue-in-cheek, but the issues are serious.
“Lori Klein has attacked consistent, pro-jobs, pro-growth leaders in Andy Tobin and Karen Fann while aligning herself with fringe elements of the political landscape.
“Calling business owners Communists, wasting time searching for Barack Obama’s birth certificate[3] and laughing off the idea of opening fire on the border[4] are not the marks of a leader committed to crafting thoughtful public policy.
“Klein has gone after the heart and soul of her district. To question the integrity of Steve Pierce and Andy Tobin[5], who have performed their jobs masterfully on behalf of their district and the entire state, is so far beyond the pale that she has disqualified herself for election.
“Lori Klein called her being drawn in District 1, ‘absolutely insane. We have absolutely nothing in common with Prescott.’[6] On Election Day, voters will be sure to have nothing in common with Lori Klein.”
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