Monday, August 06, 2012

Hugh Hewitt Calls Ben Quayle "Congressman Extraordinaire"


Dear Friends,

This week Hugh Hewitt, a nationally-syndicated radio host and one of the nation’s leading conservative voices endorsed Congressman Ben Quayle’s re-election campaign.

He called Ben Quayle, “Congressman extraordinaire” and praised his “remarkable” ability to get three bills passed as a freshman legislator.

On his radio show, Hewitt strongly encouraged the voters in Arizona to cast their ballot for Quayle. “Go vote now. We need Ben Quayle to win in Arizona!”

If you’re looking for someone to represent your conservative values in Washington, Ben Quayle is the only choice.

Join Senator Jon Kyl, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Congressman Mike Pence, and Hugh Hewitt in supporting the true conservative—Ben Quayle.

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