Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dishonest David Schweikert Reprimanded, Continues to Lie

Phoenix, AZ- In order to keep up with the constant lies emerging from the Schweikert campaign we find ourselves updating DishonestDave.com on a daily basis.

The two newest posts are entitled “Reprimanded” and “Endorsement.”
Dishonest Dave Schweikert’s sleazy campaign tactics were denounced by Senator John McCain and Senator Jon Kyl in a recent press conference.

Dishonest Dave:

Dave Schweikert denies seeking Senator John McCain's endorsement.
A Roll Call article on July 13 reported that, "Schweikert did not seek McCain's endorsement.

The Reality:

In a press conference on August 15, in which Senator John McCain officially endorsed Ben Quayle, a member of the press asked McCain if Schweikert sought his endorsement. McCain's response: "Of course. Yes, he did."

Watch it here:


Subsequently, Dave tweeted the following:

So in order to cover up his own dishonesty, Dave is now calling Senator John McCain, one of America's greatest heroes... dishonest? Nice try, Dave. The voters know there's only one Dishonest Dave in town

Read the full story here: Dishonest Dave

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