Monday, August 13, 2012

Did Constantin Querard's Clients Condone Campaign Sign Vandalism & Theft?

Exclusive photos to PM!
In the top photo above, Joe Tassinari hiding his face before confronting Glendale Mayoral candidate WALT OPASKA!
Second photo: Opaska's Campaign Signs in the back of Tassinari's truck!

Mayoral candidate assaulted in parking lot before candidates' debate

A Glendale mayoral candidate was assaulted in a parking lot Wednesday evening after he confronted a man who appeared to be stealing his campaign signs, police said.

About 6:30 p.m., candidate Walt Opaska saw an unidentified man with about a dozen of Opaska's campaign signs in the back of his truck parked at a Denny's restaurant near near 51st Avenue and Thunderbird Road, according to Opaska's campaign. At the time, Opaska was going to a candidates' debate at the restaurant.

As Opaska took pictures of the man, the truck and the truck's license plate, the man confronted him, according to the candidate. Opaska reportedly told that man to give back the signs and that he would press charges against the man for taking them down.

The man told Opaska to delete the pictures and threatened to punch him, the candidate's statement said. As Opaska walked away, the man punched him in the back and pushed him against a car, the candidate said.
Opaska and the man agreed to let a bystander delete the pictures while another witness called police. Officers arrived and interviewed Opaska and three other witnesses.
No arrests were made, said Officer Tracey Breeden of the Glendale Police Department. The investigation is ongoing, and it's possible that charges could be filed later, she said.
Opaska said he was not seriously hurt and that he plans to press charges.

"Emotions run high during elections. However, stealing property is never acceptable. Threats and violence are not acceptable," Opaska said.

Opaska will face candidates Jerry Weiers and Manuel Cruz in the Aug. 28 primary election. Republic reporter Lisa Halverstadt contributed to this article.

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Multiple sources tell PM that Joe Tassinari is an 'acquaintance 'of Jerry Weiers through some motorcycle groups they both belong to. The same sources also tell us that Tassinari is a 'nutcase' and that he was thrown out of these same groups. Tassinari called Walt Opaska to attempt to apologize. 

 When asked who told him to go after the signs, Tassinari would NOT divulge who asked him to take down the signs. Sounds a little Fishy to me? Here is the response from the Opaska Campaign:

Statement from Glendale mayoral candidate Walt Opaska about being assaulted last night before Glendale Tea Party Event.

GLENDALE, Ariz. – Last night, Glendale mayoral candidate Walt Opaska attended a Glendale Tea Party debate at the Denny’s on Thunderbird and 51st Ave. While walking outside to his car, someone attending the debate told him that there was a truck with about a dozen of his campaign signs in the back. Opaska suspected that this person was removing his signs from roadside locations and so he took pictures of the person, his license plate, and the signs in the back of his truck in order to provide documentation to law enforcement. At that point, the man confronted Opaska, threatened to hit Opaska, did land a punch to Opaska's back, and held him against a car by the collar and jacket.

“I was not seriously injured and I assisted the Glendale Police with their report on scene. Charges are being pressed. Emotions run high during elections. However, stealing property is never acceptable. Threats and violence are not acceptable. Luckily everyone is doing ok and justice will be served,” stated Opaska.

Sign vandalism is taking place in another one of Constantin Querard's Clients races. In the LD-25 Senate race between CQ's Russell Pearce & Bob Worsley:

The word "Amnesty" is being stenciled on Worsley signs all through the District. None of the Pearce signs are being vandalized.

Vandalizing & stealing of signs is a sign of 'desperation' in a campaign. Sounds like CQ's "M.O." to us? We are just waiting for the next 'Olivia Cortes' to emerge!

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