Monday, August 27, 2012

Desperate David Schweikert Troll & Serial LIAR CHRIS BAKER calls PM "Insane and thoroughly discredited bloggers!

In an article posted on 'The Daily Beast' on Saturday, Dishonest David Schweikert's Troll oops Campaign Manager, CHRIS BAKER calls out Politico Mafioso:
Shortly before my deadline for this story, the Quayle campaign directed me to a Web site where a Quayle surrogate claimed Schweikert’s real-estate company was involved in a “loan scam,” and that Schweikert recently desperately infused his campaign with $130,000 of his own money.
“Come on,” Schweikert’s spokesman Chris Baker wrote me in an email. “Asking us to reply to an insane and thoroughly discredited blogger who has made no secret of his fondness for Ben Quayle is a bit much. But I do think it speaks volumes about where the Quayle operation is if they are relying on this loon.”

Really Chris? Insane & thoroughly Discredited? By who? YOU? Baker, who lied in the SCA Investigation:

This idiot has been running around telling everyone who will listen that Schweikert is up in the race vs Quayle, first by 16%, then 20%, and now 30%!

I think Chris Baker needs to look in the mirror when he calls us 'Insane & Discredited. If that is true, why do so many political campaigns come to us to help them?

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