Wednesday, August 15, 2012

AZ Farm Bureau Endorses Bob Worsley for State Senate

Proud to announce that the Arizona Farm Bureau AgPAC has endorsed Bob Worsley for State Senate in LD25.

The Arizona Farm Bureau has more than 21,000 farmers or ranchers who are part of their coalition. The Arizona Farm Bureau is considered the “Voice of Arizona Agriculture,” a $10.3 billion industry in Arizona.
The Arizona Farm Bureau asked the following question to the candidates:
What do you consider to be the number one issue facing Arizona and how will it impact our state’s agriculture?
Bob Worsley – R
A pragmatic approach to immigration. I think over the past several years we blamed hispanics who did not have papers for most of the problems in Arizona instead of understanding that they were here because of economic needs. Our federal immigration system is outdated and broken and needs to be modernized. Legal immigration must be easier than illegal immigration so labor demand in Arizona can be addressed in a legal and humane way. Economy/jobs and fiscal restraint by the State must be the focus of the state legislature but anything we can do at the State level to help the new Administration in DC solve this problem is important as a border State that suffers the most from the current situation.

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