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Russell Pearce's emails, ACLU, CBA and JT Ready - YouTube


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This video combines Pearce's emails, local news coverage as well as
the July 20th Press Conference where Citizens for a Better Arizona were joined by
Arizona Senators David Shapira, Leah Landrum Taylor and State Rep. Martin J. Quezada demanding our elected officials denounce the hate mail and call for Pearce to stay out of politics.

This video also contains previously unreleased footage from 2010 of Pearce's protégé: neo-Nazi JT Ready discussing insider knowledge of Pearce's email habits.

The good news is the ACLU uncovered and released Pearce and his colleague's emails and are seeking an injunction on the "papers please" portion of SB 1070 which is
all that is left after the supreme court killed the rest.

After digging through Pearce's mail from 2006-2011 (sent using tax payer resources) it is crystal clear that SB 1070 was passed using false statistics, hate-based myths
and fear mongering.

While it is refreshing to see the local TV news media cover this, it is sad how they have covered the anti-immigration hysteria for years without questioning the data
or sources.

Yes. I still hold them responsible for the fabricated "border battle" as they refer to it for rating purposes and all the ugliness and damage it has created.

Don't believe me?

What Arizona media outlet has informed you that Fast and Furious type operations were operating under the Bush administration
and it was Obama's Eric Holder who cancelled them only to find out rouge agents disobeyed?

Has your favorite local media station ever informed you that Mexico's guns are purchased almost exclusively and legally from the U.S. of A?

Local media is quick to drive to the Arizona border to report on Cartel violence happening south of the Mexican border yet fail to tell you  where those illegal guns came from. The spin is in. Blame Fast and Furious-Not our insane gun laws or greedy gun industry. Don't report on the profits of our gun shows, dealers and manufacturers. Just report on those evil cartels, blame Mexico for the violence and our drug addiction.

Report on every murder but ignore the causes and conditions and common sense needed to stop them from happening and NEVER even consider blaming the unregulated gun industry when you can blame Batman, Obama or the tooth fairy.

Still don't believe me?

Remember the recent coverage of the burned bodies found in the Vekol Valley desert? I hate to pick on CBS 5 and watching Morgan Loew's excellent coverage of Arpaio's Birther circus makes this difficult.

Yet they covered Sheriff Babeu's propaganda with no challenge that this was Mexican gang violence and Obama's giving a temporary reprieve to undocumented youth only to find out it was a murder/suicide committed by a deranged white man from Gilbert, Az.

You would think that should've sent a message to the media yet only a few weeks ago we hear Sheriff Babeu's unchallenged rant about a 17 year old boy caught driving really fast without proof of citizenship.

Why was this even news? Is it that a 17 year old boy without a drivers license was caught speeding? That stopped being news a few years after the invention of automobiles.

Yet according to Babeu you would think there was nothing he could do because ICE refused to take the kid. Nothing? Really? Not likely folks. Only really spoiled rich kids get away with bad behavior and I don't need to tell the black or brown youth they are much more likely to be targeted by law enforcement then their white friends because they already know it.

This unchallenged false-hood the media continues to allow and promote is that if you are undocumented and commit a crime there is nothing law enforcement can do.

This is what the low information voters hear and why low information voters keep electing incompetent law enforcers like Arpaio and Babeu who exploit and criminalize the most vulnerable for their own political gain.

It's also why recalled Senator Russell Pearce still has a chance at getting back in office and why each of us has a responsibility to do the hard work needed to stop it.

It's why it will take more then a protest or a candidates lip service to close Tent City and clean up Arpaio's mess. It will take team work, money and a bit of humility from those whose ego's stand in the way of allowing it to happen because of their own pet issues. We need to reach across the isle. Racism and corruption are not something the republicans invented and we need the help of those who agree on these issues.

Lets face it. As good as the local media often is, they are also to blame for the polarization, hate and racist legislation Arizona is plagued with.

Thanks for reading,
Dennis Gilman

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