Wednesday, July 25, 2012

An open letter to Russell Pearce - By Pat McMahon -

Updated Jul 23, 2012 - 11:53 am

An open letter to Russell Pearce -

Dear Mr. Pearce:

Shut up!

I know you have an election to win, and being a recalled lawmaker must create a voracious, unsatisfied hunger for power, so I would never dream to ask you for anything like a long-term silence. You've already said far too much in blaming the victims of the Aurora, Colorado massacre for their inaction and lack of courage.

So please, as a personal favor to me and perhaps their families, just a short period of silence from you, at least until they are buried.

You fault them because, in your words, had they been prepared and armed, they could have stopped this "bad man."

Russell, the shooter was wearing bulletproof armor from head to foot. A grenade launcher might've stopped him, but I don't believe those are included in the conceal carry law.

You dare to say all that was needed was one courageous/brave man like the men on Flight 93.

Are you demeaning the courage of those who shielded others or the commitment of the members of the Air Force and Navy, now dead, who were in that theater?

Don't misunderstand me Russell Pearce. I don't want your guns. I just want you to be quiet for a little while.

It's not polite to talk while America is in mourning.

I'm Pat McMahon.

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