Friday, July 27, 2012

Dishonest David Schweikert Peddling More Lies

For Immediate Release:
July 26, 2012

Phoenix, AZ- In response to Dave Schweikert’s latest fictitious poll numbers, the Quayle campaign released the following response.

This morning in an article by The Hill, the Schweikert campaign falsely claimed to have a 13-point lead over Congressman Quayle. Their source to cite was a Citizens United-commissioned poll. (Citizens United is backing Schweikert in the race.) The Hill quickly points out, “Polls done on behalf of a group with an interest in a race should always be viewed with a bit of skepticism.” Even they can recognize a liar.

Then this afternoon, void of any coordination (wink, wink), Schweikert released “internal poll numbers” to Roll Call saying he leads Quayle by 16 points.

This is not the first, second, or even third time Dishonest Dave has lied during this campaign. He’s been running around town for months dropping bogus poll numbers; he sent a spy to Quayle headquarters and then told news organizations it didn’t happen; he claimed Quayle is running in “his” district when in reality the new district is 67% Quayle’s current constituents; and he claimed in a recent television commercial that he “said no to more debt” when in fact he called Barack Obama’s payroll tax holiday generational theft” and then voted for it, increasing the federal deficit by $100 billion.

Jay Heiler, spokesman for the Quayle Campaign, put the matter bluntly:

“Everyone watching this race needs to understand that Dave Schweikert and his supporters lie for convenience, they lie for advantage, and they lie as a habit. It’s unfortunate, but the problem has manifested itself throughout this campaign and it’s been done again here.” Heiler added, “Dave Schweikert is trailing in this race, and the more pressure his campaign is under, the more they will continue to lie.”

Anna Haberlein
Paid for by Ben Quayle for Congress

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