Friday, July 27, 2012

Ben Quayle - Border Security: Not Just a Dream

Dear Friends,

The Supreme Court gave Arizona one-fourth of an immigration law.

President Obama and Secretary Napolitano’s post-decision edict gave Arizona even less.

The Supreme Court’s decision regarding portions of SB1070 was disappointing. Far worse was the arrogant move by the Obama Administration to place our country in reverse when it comes to securing the border.

Border security is the key to effective immigration policy and the federal government has not only been unwilling to adequately secure the southwest border, but they have become actively contentious in Arizona’s efforts to secure it.

There is one person in Washington fighting for Arizona—Ben Quayle.

Ben Quayle has not only recognized the need for border security, but he is doing something about it.
Ben Quayle was the lead Republican sponsor on the bipartisan Border Tunnel Prevention Act which was signed into law by the President this year. This bill increases criminal penalties for constructing, financing or using cross-border smuggling tunnels.

Ben Quayle also introduced legislation to allow Customs and Border Patrol agents unrestricted access to federal lands in the southwest region and worked to have it incorporated into the Department of Homeland Security Authorization legislation.

As Arizonans, we hear about the ongoing battles between drug cartels and see the spillover violence infiltrating our communities. We know that the situation in Mexico continues to deteriorate, the cartels continue to grow in power and the deepening instability there results in great suffering and significant economic loss. It may not be an urgent problem to the bureaucrats in Washington, but it is to Ben Quayle.

Ben Quayle is the serious conservative representing your interests and working hard to keep Arizona safe. We need to keep Ben Quayle’s conservative leadership in Congress.

A donation of $50, $25 or even $10 would go a long way to making sure that Ben Quayle's continues fighting for you in Washington.

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