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American Freedom By Barbara.. Kooky Jennifer Wright!

Great article by our great friend Barbara Espinosa:

Table of Contents…..

1. From bottom Excerpt from Laurie Roberts Column 2. Response from Jennifer Wright in regard to excerpt of comments by Kathy Petsas…

My two cents Jennifer’s response was written in a rag called A m e r i c a n P o s t – Gazette
Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E , in Arizona whom the makers do not have a web site nor will they reveal their identities. Common Sense is posted direct to Sonoran Alliance’s website. Kathy's comments to Laurie Roberts are correct ever since the current AZ GOP Leadership has been in office it's been a disaster. No Money, No Direction Listen to Chairman Morrissey's Interview on HAIR on FIRE The AZ GOP State Convention was a "Charlie Foxtrot" as far as Reagan's 11th commandment Ms. Wright is violating the same commandment she has accused another of doing.
3. Response in regard to Jennifer Wright

Kudos to Kathy Petsas!
Jennifer Wright is a Libertarian, registered as a Republican in name only! She is what we would call a "Spoiler"... she entered a primary at the last minute and ran as a "Tea Party Candidate". That's a fact! Every candidate the Tea Party ran LOST...they run candidates against incumbent Republicans, we have her to thank for a Democrat Mayor!!
Wright is a Goldwater Institute supporter and had only voted one time in a Phoenix election. She and the rest of the Libertarians should join the Libertarian party or stay in the Tea Party. Your either a Republican Party Member or nothing! Can you believe these folks run their own SLATE of candidates against Sitting Republican Elected Officials..that's an outrage, a waste of time and money! They have their own agenda...the proof is all there folks!
Prior to her running,she was an unknown novice with very limited political skills and was never seen working for our party nor in attendance at any city council meetings. That too is a fact!
Why she would attack Kathy Petsas is just beyond anything...Petsas spoke the truth. Petsas comes from one of the best political families and is well skilled in Republican Politics. She is a "Solid Loyal Republican Party Member" and has NO allegiance to the tea party which is in essence a third party!
Kudos to Kathy Petsas for speaking the truth... this is no longer the party we all embraced.
Read carefully Wright's defense...She defends the TEA Party First and champions the Goldwater Institute second! Jennifer aires the "Dirty linen" not Petsas.. for some reason Wright wanted to be a Delegate to the National Convention and did not quite garner enough Republican Votes to win a spot!
If anyone is airing dirty linen, it is Wright and with this kind of attitude she is certainly not the person to unite our party. She's angry because she "Lost" again.
Why on earth would anyone want to get to know the "Kooks" in the Tea Party? We are focused on our own party...The Republican Party! Our party is Conservative, not radical. It has been hijacked by these Teabaggers in plain English. Voters are fed up and will make the change with Republicans who will move this country forward again.
For the record: The Tea Party folks are mainly evangelicals, John Birch Society Members, running around quoting scripture, and "self-proclaimed experts on the Constitution"... they are fanatical and extremist in their views...they embrace Ron Paul...that's a fact. The original intent of the Tea Party lost it's luster two years ago. It was an exciting movement met it's goal and served it's purpose. It was over.
Now they have been funded by the Koch Brothers, Freedom Works are paying staff folks and forming 501C3's. It's all changed and not the same.
The impact of the Wisconsin vote can be credited to the good folks who live there and saw a positive change under the LEADERSHIP of Gov. Walker....not the Tea Party! These folks saw their taxes reduced and budget balanced...they did not need the influence of the Tea Party, they voted him back into office because they appreciate the LEADERSHIP Walker provided as a Republican Governor!
Give Credit where it is due!
J. D'Ambrosio


Here is another response to the article by Jon Altmann:

Jon Altmann says:
This is the same Wright who ran for Phoenix mayor but had not history of voting in a Phoenix mayoral race, even though she was a registered voter there ….

The same Wright who told me she supports HOAs and was not interested in any legislation that helps reign in their runaway attempts to be a third government over private property rights ..
And the score card for what all these “great bills” are:

EIGHT never made it out of the House or Senate (1507, 1449, 1083, 2848, 2791, 2789, 2480, 2103)

ONE was vetoed by the Governor (1275)

And the one that did make it out and was signed by the Governor, 2826, was written poorly and it is now clear it will give Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton an extra year in office – and it is greatly possible the bill will be thrown out by the courts … the same Greg Stanton (Democrat) that Wright sought to oppose in her failed attempt to be mayor….

And the State Guard bill, which went no where and whose hearings I sat through, had absolutely NO support from any police organization (which, let me remind you that the Phoenix Police Union has been a strong supporter of anti-illegal alien bills – not even they turned out for that one), along with no support from the National Guard Association or other military groups …

People see the in-fighting over the control of the AzGOP political ranks and the issues, like these, and they simply don’t care. Find me one of those bills that deals with employment, jobs, and increasing Arizona’s economy. Those were missing from the Wright list – leading the news commentors, likes Laurie Roberts – to chase the fight which goes to the root of the question, are the platforms debates relevant to the Republicans (and Independents who might be Republicans or who used to be Republicans) who simply show up to vote?

That all leads a reporter/columnist to fairly question if Wright’s list is the wrong list.
It’s jobs and the economy. Those are bell weather points and those, along with the price of gas, will determine come late September through October if Obama stays or go. I know Kathy Petas gets that – and business Republicans who contribute the large dollars to IEs and are regular maximum donors to races get that part. Whether or not the AzGOP (the party) itself gets that point to the extent it can bring in money to adequately support Republican candidates is the question that is the ulitmate point.

We, as Republicans, cannot succeed, if we keeping fighting in our ranks and name calling. “RINO” and “DID” are accusations and a judgement by what seems to be a relatively small vocal group that would otherwise say that if one doesn’t measure up to some extremist standard, well, by gosh, you are not a Republican and should be stripped of the party designation. So, in a political party that greatly honors the First Amendment, it has a vocal group that simply wants to shut up others.

What happened to the GOP of Gerald Ford – we can disagree without being disagreable?

Or the example by Ronald Reagan that opposing views can repsectably debate, and still have lunch together at the White House, as did Reagan and Tip O’Neil?

Instead of name calling and polarizing rhetoric, these grass roots folks should be working the grass roots and finding out what folks are thinking by knocking on the doors and keeping their listening ears open. They most likely will find that Arizona’s registered Republicans are not interested in those debates – they simply want Arizona Moving Forward economically, not philosophically on narrow points that fail to resolve economic impediments.

For the AzGOP, Republican candidates will get elected despite the party hacks. Let’s hope for statesmen and not more soap boxers.

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