Friday, May 18, 2012

Wil Cardon Dishonestly Attacks Conservative-Supported Response to Liberal Cap-and-Trade Bill

PHOENIX – Millionaire self-funding candidate Wil Cardon is out with a new television ad, dishonestly attacking Jeff Flake for his support of a revenue-neutral tax swap that was put forward in response to the Democrats’ awful 2009 cap-and-trade proposal (which Flake opposed). Unlike cap and trade, the measure that Flake supported cut taxes and did not increase spending.

Many notable conservatives supported the bill’s honest, market-driven approach, including Arthur Laffer, a noted economist and former economic policy advisor to President Reagan, who said:

“The bill that Jeff Flake cosponsored was a smart, free market, conservative approach to expose the Democrat’s Cap and Trade bill for was it was -- a massive tax increase.”

“I’ll trust Arthur Laffer’s conservative opinion on economic matters over that of a Big-Government Republican like Wil Cardon any day of the week,” said Andrew Wilder, communications director for Flake for Senate.

“Cardon has made a habit of attacking proponents of conservative economic principles in this race, and this dishonest ad is only his most recent effort to shade the truth.”

Laffer also penned an op-ed in the New York Times in support of the bill:

Tom Jenney, Arizona director for Americans for Prosperity, wrote an op-ed in the Arizona Republic laying out the conservative case for the approach Flake supported:

And conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer wrote in the Weekly Standard describing a net-zero gas tax approach as “a once in a generation opportunity that we cannot afford to miss”:

Jeff Flake is a leading conservative reformer, known for his battle against earmarks and wasteful spending in Congress. His record is one of supporting lower taxes, limited government and less regulation.

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