Friday, May 18, 2012

Ben Quayle is Fighting for Arizona

Dear Friends,

Many politicians in Washington are content with living a life of perks and privilege without working on behalf of the people who sent them there.

Not Ben Quayle.

In his first term in office, he's earned a reputation as a tireless legislator who fights for his conservative ideals.

Just last week, Ben Quayle passed an amendment to block a new Obama Administration regulation on hiring and earned praise for working to shut down one of Obama’s new corporate welfare programs.

It's not a stretch to say that Ben Quayle accomplished more in one week than the Democrat Senate has all year!

Ben Quayle hasn't just rejected Washington's culture of complacency. He's also rejected its gold-plated pensions and perks. He's one of the only members of Congress to give up his congressional pension and healthcare benefits.

Ben Quayle can always be counted on to fight for Arizona. He's fought back against the Obama Administration's endless attacks on our state, and has helped lead the effort to hold the administration accountable for the debacle known as Operation Fast and Furious.

Ben Quayle is the conservative fighter we need in Congress—in fact, he was rated the No. 1 most conservative member of the House by the respected National Journal, 65 places above his opponent, Dave Schweikert. He was also rated above Schweikert by the conservative Club for Growth.

And Ben Quayle has the strong endorsement of Senator Jon Kyl.
“Ben Quayle is a stand-out in a new generation of conservative leadership for Arizona,” Kyl said. “He is clearly the right choice for Republicans in District 6.”

Click here to learn more about his campaign, and how you can help.

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