Monday, May 14, 2012

Statement On Mark Mitchell's Shameful Campaign

Dear Friends, Supporters and Tempeans,

I have received numerous requests to comment on sexual abuse allegations against Mark Mitchell which have been investigated by the Phoenix Police Department. Their report requests he be charged with four felonies including Sexual Abuse.

I did not wish to comment on this but I am forced to because Mr. Mitchell is actually trying to blame our issues-based campaign for this chain of events.

This is sad and shameful.

Neither I nor anyone associated with my campaign had anything to do with the criminal investigation of Mr. Mitchell.

It is a serious issue and I have faith that law enforcement and the legal system will handle the matter fairly. Whatever the outcome, I hope that the rights of the accused and the accuser are respected. Mr. Mitchell should be given the rights every citizen has of presumed innocence and a rigorous defense.

But Mr. Mitchell does not have the right to blame the investigation on our campaign. He claims the allegations are politically motivated. This is outrageous. The Phoenix Police Department is a respected law enforcement agency and would not conduct a "politically motivated" investigation. The police report shows no contact between our campaign and investigators. Read it for yourself here.

    • We did not ask for a police investigation.

    • We have no knowledge of the accuser.

    • We do take offense at claims to the contrary.

    • We do take offense to Mr. Mitchell lying to police about not knowing the alleged victim as the report indicates.

    • We take offense to his false, conspiracy tales.

    • We take offense to his now obvious ploy to avoid cooperating with the police in order to delay public awareness of what is in the police report. My opponent could have disclosed this information himself to voters. Instead he sought to deploy a strategy of delay and now seeks to blame others for an actual Phoenix Police Department report recommending charges against him.

    • We take offense at Mitchell’s attempts to avoid answering questions himself on this matter. My campaign is about full disclosure, transparency, and answering your questions without resorting to finger pointing or hiding behind lawyers or staff.

    • We do take offense to Mr. Mitchell decrying negative campaigning while doing it himself. But that's what career politicians do: say one thing and do another. In the course of this campaign he actually accused me of being against the clean-up of toxic waste at the same time I have progressive environmental practices at my restaurant in the form of recharge stations for electric vehicles.

Frankly, had Mr. Mitchell not falsely accused our campaign of playing a role in this criminal matter against him, we would not be sending you this message. We apologize for having to do so.

On May 15th, let’s elevate from these dark clouds to a brighter day for our community. Let's take Tempe from good to great. Read more about my innovative agenda at I ask for your vote.


Michael Monti

Owner, Monti's La Casa Vieja

Candidate for Tempe Mayor

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