Monday, May 14, 2012

Mark Mitchell Will Raise Your Taxes

Property Tax Hikes: A Key Difference in Tempe Mayoral Campaign

(Tempe, Arizona) Tempe taxpayers can expect to dig deeper into their pockets if Mark Mitchell is elected Mayor. Mitchell and current Mayor Hugh Hallman have sharply disagreed over the years on tax hikes. Mitchell was for them even when times were good and revenues were rising. Hallman opposed hikes because of promises made to the voters to lower taxes once a public safety project was paid for. In fact, Mitchell was the main advocate for the last major tax hike which went into effect in 2007. For some background, click here.

Mark Mitchell’s free spending ways didn’t stop when times got tough. He has spent lavishly on himself, charging taxpayers more than $14,000 for excessive travel. Mitchell also wants to spend millions on a Mill Avenue conference center which Monti opposes.

How will Mitchell pay for a taxpayer funded conference center? A likely increase in property taxes. He’s raised them before and he’ll raise them again.

As Election Day approaches, it is a key difference between the two mayoral candidates. Businessman and candidate for Tempe Mayor Michael Monti is a taxpayer not a tax raiser.

“A key reason I want to bring new innovation, jobs and economic development to Tempe is to reduce the increased tax burden of recent years on residents,” said Monti.

Michael Monti, owner of Tempe’s historic Monti’s La Casa Vieja, co-founded Local First, Arizona. He is also active in the Tempe Diablos Charities, and is the youngest inductee in the Arizona Restaurant Association’s Hall of Fame. Don’t forget Election Day is May 15th!

To make a campaign donation on line click here or mail a check to

P.O. Box 24476, Tempe, AZ 85285

His campaign is based on bringing private sector ideas to government, fiscal responsibility, civic involvement, economic opportunity, and innovation. His proposals include:

  • Financial incentives for city workers who save rather than spend tax dollars

  • The creation of the Tempe Community Corps to increase volunteerism, and aid Tempe neighborhoods and services

  • Partnerships with ASU and the business community to bring more jobs to Tempe

  • The creation of a public swimming beach at Tempe Town Lake, paid for by the private sector

  • Partnerships with the ASU College of Nursing to aid Tempe seniors

  • Encouraging businesses to embrace eco-friendly projects such as the Blink Car Charging Stations at Monti’s La Casa Vieja

  • A ban on texting while driving in Tempe

  • A gift ban and stricter reporting requirements for Tempe elected officials

  • An eight year term limit for the mayor’s office

  • Recruiting and retaining top teachers and professors

  • A North/South Tempe Summit

Arizona leaders and organizations that have endorsed Michael Monti include:

  • Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman

  • Former Tempe Council Member and mayoral candidate Linda Spears

  • Tempe Council Member Onnie Shekerjian

  • Tempe Democrat and Former Council Member Barbara Sherman

  • Tempe’s first elected Mayor, Rudy Campbell

  • The Tempe Chamber of Commerce

  • Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne

  • Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery

  • Congressman David Schweikert

  • Senator Jon Kyl

  • Former Tempe City Council Member ‘Hut’ Hutson

  • Former State Rep. Laura Knaperek

  • Tempe Democrat Carl Hayden

  • Former Tempe Council Member Joseph Lewis

  • Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane

  • Former Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr.

  • Former State Senator and Tempe Council Member Bev Hermon

  • Former Tempe Council Candidate Angie Taylor Thornton

  • Arizona State Treasurer Doug Ducey

  • Former State Senator Gary Richardson

To visit the Monti4 Mayor Website click here or log on to @monti4mayor).

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