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Have We Not Learned Anything About Islam? by HJS

Have We Not Learned Anything About Islam?

Our dumb leaders still believe the B/S!

HJS Comments: In these pages the last few years, we have shown several instances of Muslims hoodwinking American officials (What? Are they all stupid—or just blinded by the insane policy of political correctness?) about the absolutely critical need for things like wash basins for the feet which must be furnished by taxi companies and colleges, and for special prayer rooms for Muslim flyers. We showed that the wash basins were not needed because once the Muslims completed their morning ghusl at home, wearing shoes and socks obviated the need to rewash the feet for more than a day—barring sticking the feet where they did not belong and getting them muddy or really dingy. And as far as flying is concerned, one of the really nice things about Islam is that it is traveler friendly. One can push aside prayers on one side or another to create a window needed for traveling. I would think that every believer knows these things and probably laughs up his sleeve when they see their leaders conning us about these issues. It is called taqiyyah—deception; and yes, you can find the rules for lying (even in court) and deceiving in the sharia.

And now, let’s look at just another example of their lying and our being so ignorant and incompetent that we again surrender to their B/S.

Thanks to Ideology of Islam for sending me a copy of Robert Spencer’s article.

Federal judge OK's Ohio prison banning pork for all inmates to placate Muslims

Once again non-Muslims must accommodate Islamic law and practice, and an eager dhimmi judge does the bidding of Islamic supremacists. "Judge rules enforcing Muslim law on everyone not establishment of religion," by Peter Grady for the Greeley Gazette, April 26 (thanks to all who sent this in):

A federal judge says an Ohio prison that forces all inmates to adhere to a strict Islamic diet is not an establishment of religion because everyone eats the same food.

A federal judge recently threw out prisoner James Rivers' lawsuit against Ohio Prison director Gary Mohr's decision to ban pork from kitchens in all prisons under control of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. Mohr made the decision to stop serving pork products after a Muslim on death row filed a lawsuit against the prison system.

Abdul Awkal, an inmate on death row, argued in his lawsuit that the prison’s failure to provide halal meals violated his religious freedoms.

Despite Awkal’s claims, Islamic teaching says it is perfectly acceptable to eat non-halal meat if there is no halal food available.

Islam teaches that meat such as pork is considered unclean and not to be eaten. This would include all pork products including sausage and bacon.

Awkal was later joined by a second Muslim who is not on death row. Prison authorities had argued that they provided non-pork and vegetarian options for Muslims. The Muslims said that was not good enough and still insisted that the food they were given meet halal standards.

Despite Awkal’s claims that eating halal meat is a requirement of his faith, Islamic teaching says it is perfectly acceptable to eat non-halal meat if there is no halal food available.

Prison authorities had argued that providing halal meet for the thousands of Muslims in prison would bankrupt the system.

In response to the lawsuit, prison officials stopped serving pork products to everyone; including atheists and those whose religion contains no such prohibition.

Former Navy chaplain Dr. Gordon Klingenschmitt says while the judge ruled it is acceptable to force all non-Muslims to adhere to a Muslim diet, Christians have no dietary rights.

"This is another example of the Islamicization [sic] of America. It's establishing Islam as the state religion of the prison system," Klingenschmitt contends. "The judge's reasoning is this: He said as long as all of the prisoners are forced to eat the same food, then there's no discrimination taking place. In other words, if he enforces Muslim law equally, then there's no establishment of religion. I think that's wrong, and I pray this is overturned on the appeal."

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