Monday, April 16, 2012


McSally for Congress
Final Push! Independents Can Vote!

It's down to this. Four days left, and this race is CLOSE! Martha McSally needs your support now. Forward this email to your friends, and let them know why you are voting for Col. McSally in the CD8 Special Election on April 17th. And why they should do the same.

Col. McSally has served our country for almost 28 years. She was the first woman to fly a fighter and first to command a squadron in combat in U.S. History. She has served on Capitol Hill as a Legislative Fellow for Sen. Jon Kyl. In 2001, she took on the Pentagon and overturned their rule requiring American servicewomen in Saudi Arabia to wear Muslim attire when traveling off base. Here is Col. McSally in her own words.


And let your friends know: Independents can vote in this election. If you are a registered Independent, all you have to do is show up at the polls on election day and request a Republican primary ballot.

The bottom line is this: We need someone who can represent this district and hit the ground running from day one, someone who has the demonstrated moral courage, leadership and national and international experience to stand up to the Washington establishment. Martha McSally has done that. She has put her career and her life on the line for the Constitution. Now she's ready to serve you. In the words of Ronald Reagan's son, Michael, "It's time to rekindle the spark of true Reagan conservatism. Martha McSally is the spark."

Volunteer All-Call!

We are organizing our volunteers for the final push Sunday, Mon and Tues. Martha needs you to commit and help now. This race may be decided by less than a few hundred votes. Your help could make the difference between soaring to victory or crashing in defeat.

Here's what we need:

Monday: Phone banking 8am to 7pm. We need people working the phones to get those final undecided voters to support Martha!

Tuesday (THE BIG DAY!): We need people to work their polling places for us. All you have to do is go to your own polling location with the materials we give you and hand them out. We make it easy. Don't worry if you can't be out there all day, any help is better than none.

Call Kristen @ 520-488-6036 for more details, and let's Make It Happen!

If you support Col. McSally, forward this email to all your friends. Let them know what is at stake for all of us.

For more Information about Martha McSally, please visit our website or Call 520-488-9286

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