Monday, April 23, 2012

New Evidence That Catholics Could Seal Obama’s Doom This November

Since such records have been kept,no Democrat presidential candidate has ever lost the Catholic vote and won the general election. Republicans can win a general election despite losing the Catholic vote but a Democrat simply can’t. This makes Barack Obama’s war on Christians in general and Catholics in particular so dangerous for him and his Party.

The results of a new Pew survey of voters by religious affiliation holds devastating news for Obama’s chances of re-election. The ease with which it can be found proves this news is being purposely ignored by a delusional media that believes Obama is cruising toward an easy re-election.

Pew found Mitt Romney with a commanding lead among Evangelical and Catholic voters that has actually grown by 5 and 8 points respectively in just the past month. Obama now trails Mitt Romney 73/20 among Evangelicals and 57/37 among white Catholics.

The significance of Pew’s findings among white Catholics grows geometrically when added to that of Evangelicals because it means that Obama is also on track to lose by a very large margin among whites,who make up 2/3 of the electorate in November.

Over the history of polling by religious affiliation,the Catholic vote has served as a 90% accurate predictor of final results. Moreover,the winning Catholic percentage has consistently been very close to the winner’s victorious percentage in the general election – Obama’s 54% of the Catholic vote was the same as his overall winning margin in 2008.

Democrats like Hubert Humphrey in 1968 have even won the Catholic vote with landslide numbers (56/37) and still lost their race. Conversely,George McGovern was pummeled in 1972 when he lost Catholics by 20 points.

The fight is just getting underway.

The hard numbers point to an electoral disaster for Obama and his Party next November. To avoid this total wipe-out,Obama has to reverse himself and back down from his demands that the Catholic Church change her doctrine to suit him. Since that is not going to happen,the question becomes:how vigorously will the Catholic Church fight back?

If a new video titled Test of Fire:Election 2012 from a group called Catholics Called to Witness is an indicator of what is coming from Catholics who are determined to defeat Obama,his Election night will be a nightmare. This brief video contains a chilling reminder that the way a Catholic votes next November will be recorded for “eternity.” This time,Catholics are playing for keeps and starting with a huge lead.

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