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EDITORIAL ~ Veterans for Romney

Today, our servicemen and women are still in major conflicts around the Globe and many are returning home to face a lifetime of medical care because of horrific war injuries. It is because of this that we must have the “right” Commander-in-Chief at the helm. That is why I am supporting Romney for President. He is the right person. If one compares Romney to Obama, can you honestly not say Romney is the person we need to put in the White House? I have been honored by being asked to be Arizona’s Chair of Vets for Romney and would ask for your help in enlisting an Army of Veterans in this effort.

Below is a guest editorial written by Don Bendell who is the National Deputy Executive Director of Vets for Romney. Also highlighted below are two links that will allow one to get more information on Romney.

I appreciate your offer to send out a “call” to your contacts and ask them if they are willing to come on board of Vets for Romney. Of course, they must have honorably served in our Armed Forces. If one agrees, please get their contact information so they can get regular updates as the campaign progresses.

Thank you again,

Richard M. Romley

Obama and American Veterans

Guest Editorial by Don Bendell

Rudyard Kipling certainly got it right in his poem Tommy, the nickname for British soldiers, when he speaks about Tommy being treated like a hero when war is going on but treated shabbily once the war is over. The last line of the poem is very telling, “An' Tommy ain't a bloomin' fool -- you bet that Tommy sees!”

America’s veterans have not had our brains amputated either. Any nation takes care of its soldiers during times of war. That is a no-brainer, but the true test of a nation’s greatness is how a country takes care of its fighting men and women, their widows, and orphans after the acrid smell of gunpowder has wafted away from the battlefields and is replaced by the fragrance of newly-budding flowers and grasses.

Many comments and op-eds are coming forward now about Tri-Care in Obama’s budgeting where costs to military retirees quadruple in some cases, but 90% of America’s 22,000,000 vets were not career soldiers and do not have Tri-Care. I want to address how Obama’s Administration affects them, not so much as the 2,200,000 who are retirees.

At the beginning of his term, Barack Obama’s pronouncements were huge and his deficit spending even more so, including his plans for the Department of Veterans Affairs. However, like the rest of the giant Obama bureaucracy, attitude flows from the top-down. Two weeks ago, when I asked my personal VA nurse at the Colorado Springs VA clinic to please stop calling me a liar and speak to me with a little respect and dignity, she hung the phone up on me and has not called back to rectify the situation. This is very typical of the arrogant attitude in the DVA now which was never evident before. Obama originally spent money in the VA but for programs dealing with things like homeless vets, for example, who are a very small percentage of those 22,000,000 who qualify for care.

3 former SECVA’s Principi, Peake, and Nicholson have all endorsed Governor Mitt Romney for President because they know he will transform the Department of Veterans Affairs back into what it used to be: a government service to help and assist our nation’s veterans. I spoke to former Undersecretary of VA BG Michael Kussman, MD, who was in charge of all VA Medical Affairs under President George W. Bush. I asked the Undersecretary why he is endorsing Mitt Romney and he said, “Because like me, Governor Romney feels that everything about the VA top to bottom should be to serve our veterans.”

President Obama will not cut the budget on programs where people who vote for him are benefitted, especially those who receive free ice cream and cookies, so to speak. He is more than willing to cut the budget though for our nation’s heroes, but I have a message for the President. He once tried to compare himself with President Abraham Lincoln, but he needs to heed Lincoln’s discerning words: “Any nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure.”

Don Bendell is a best-selling author with over 2.5 million copies of his 26 books in print worldwide, a former Green Beret and disabled Vietnam veteran, and is the National Deputy Executive Director of Vets for Romney. His editorials have appeared in many publications and he has been interviewed by Martha McCallum on Fox News and on many national radio talk shows.

Don Bendell
National Deputy Executive Director
Vets for Romney

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