Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DOUG WADE FOR CONGRESS - Really? $4 per gallon? Have you had enough?

Dear Patriot,

Like you, my family is as worried as you are that the cost of doing business, the cost of sending our children to school and the cost of providing the necessities of life are becoming quickly out of reach for the average American.

The struggles of America are exactly why I am running for Congress and the reason why I am writing to you today.

As a candidate for Arizona Congressional District 1, we are fighting a mighty Obama machine here in Arizona and across America!

Former Democratic Congresswoman, Ann Kirkpatrick, who voted in lock step with Obama, Pelosi, and Reid for Obamacare, the Stimulus and Bailouts has decided to run again - in AZ CD 1. Ann Kirkpatrick was ousted by the constituents of her district in 2010, but wants to come back.

I say "no way," the people of Arizona, will let that happen. I need your help to make sure a "phony blue-dog Democrat doesn't take AZ CD 1."

I am the ONLY Republican in this Primary race who offers real solutions and not more rhetoric to combat her at the polls!It's all about energy independence and free enterprise...

My vision for America is to create a new 21st century energy policy.

Let's promote a real 10-year race to energy independence, utilize our own natural resources, and stop exporting our wealth.

We will create millions of new jobs, by rebuilding our entire energy and electrical infrastructure with clean and safe 21st century technology, utilizing all means necessary to free ourselves from foreign dependence, while transitioning to the renewable energy of the future.

It's time to do some nation building at home, by unleashing the private sector, and rollback the suffocating regulations, and Federal Agencies that are holding back the American Spirit of Innovation. This Obama Administration wants to manage our decline. We should be leading the world to prosperity.

I vow to fight for real energy independence that is based on free enterprise principles to build pipelines, extract national gas and oil and put people to work! What Kirkpatrick lacks in wisdom, innovation and fiscal strategy she makes up for in fundraising. That is why I need your help TODAY!

My candidacy to run for Congress was well thought out - I am NOT a career politician; I am the "Un-Politician." The candidate who has lived in Arizona for more than 38 years, working hard as a Precinct Committeeman, and managing a successful construction business, and raising my daughters. My wife and I are hard working Americans who want to help you. We simply cannot afford to lose this seat to a Spend Now Worry Later Bureaucrat.

My name is Doug Wade. I am a husband, father, a veteran and a businessman, and fiscal conservative.I ask you to visit my website and support my candidacy so I can help you and your family.


Doug Wade

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