Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Looks like the battle for control of the Arizona Republican Party has begun! Back on April 9th, we broke the story "ARIZONA REPUBLICAN PARTY BEING AUDITED BY THE FEC FOR THE YEARS 2009-2010 - EXCLUSIVE!"!

Since then, former AZ GOP Chairman RANDY PULLEN has been 'making the rounds' in Republican circles trying to put the blame for the audit on the current Chairman. Pullen and his allies, including disgraced former AZ GOP ED BRETT MECUM, spent the entire time at the recent RNC Meetings in Scottsdale last week throwing Tom Morrissey under the bus!

Pullen, the former RNC Treasurer, spent the entire last year of his term bashing then RNC Chairman MICHAEL STEELE! Our sources tell PM that, according to phone records, that it was Pullen who contacted the Washington Times & Washing Post among other media to burn Steele! Looks like that might have come back to 'bite Pullen in the ass' as he was defeated on the first ballot when he ran for re-election.

We at PM have written numerous articles about Tom Morrissey; he and his team of Theresa Martinez, Mark Spinks, Rob Haney, Phil Mason et all are 'Incompetent' at best! There are plenty of things they have done in the last two years to embarrass the Party.

But the audit by the F.E.C. is for actions that took place on Randy Pullen's watch. Our sources tell us that Pullen ran such a 'tight ship' that he even had the checkbook for the AZ GOP locked in a cabinet in his office. Just look at the SCA Investigation from back in 2011 to get an idea at how things were run back then.

Which group has the most to lose from this audit? The questions will all be answered very soon and whatever the outcome, the Arizona Republican Party needs some fresh, new leaders to fix these problems. More to come on this story.....Stay Tuned!!!

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