Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Obama's Top Five Energy Whoppers - from Newt 2012!

President Obama is embarking on four state energy tour tomorrow to try and convince the American people that he actually has a plan to address the soaring cost of gasoline. Instead of a concrete plan, expect to hear more excuses and fantasies like algae-powered cars.

Ahead of his trip, we put together President Obama's top 5 energy whoppers to help you keep track of the spin. The president likes to say "we're drilling all over" and America only has 2% of the world's oil, but those statements, among others, selectively ignore some key facts.

Click here to read the president's top 5 energy falsehoods, along with the facts for each item.

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P.S. President Obama will be in Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio and Oklahoma in the coming days spreading more falsehoods about America's abundant energy resources and his failure to address rising gasoline prices. Donate today to help us fight back against the president's energy whoppers by educating the American people with the facts.

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