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Well folks it's that time of the year again! Time to make some predictions for the new year. We sure aren't Nostradamus, but here are our predictions:


2012 will be the MOST important election in our lifetime! Barack Hussein Obama MUST be defeated to save America from 4 more years of turning our country into a Euro-Trash Socialist Economy!
ANY Republican who wins the GOP Nomination will defeat Obama!  The Republicans will take back the US Senate (with a 60 majority) and retain the US House!
The Arizona Diamondbacks will defend their 2011 NL West Division title and then defeat the Phillies to win the NL Pennant!  The D-Backs will beat the Yankees and become the 2012 World Series Champions!
The Arizona Cardinals in 2012 will win the NFC West over the 49ers!  If they get home field advantage, look out!
Here are predictions from some of our bloggers:
from IronFist:                                                                    

 1. Current State Senator Lori Klein will lose the 2012 primary election to State Senate President, Steve Pierce. Klein will make a comeback as a Mary Kay sales rep.

2. Brett Mecum will been seen in a black leather cape and dog collar at the 2012 Arizona Fetish Ball. Randy is Pullen him around on a leash.

3. The Rose Law Group will sue Rose+Moser+Allyn for unpaid legal fees.

4. Sheriff Joe's Kettle Corn will be a vendor at local arts & crafts fairs and events.

5. Following the 2012 primary, Representative Carl Seel will be caught ridin' dirty in his old ass mini-van and lip synching Jay Z's hook "I got 99 Problems but a B**ch Ain't One".

from TheOnlyTrueConsevative:

Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee for President. Whether or not he ultimately wins is too close to call. “Principled Tea Party Constitutional Conservatives” will lodge protest votes and AZ will be closer than it should be, forcing the Romney campaign to spend in AZ in the final few weeks of the campaign.

Joe Arpaio will develop sudden “health issues” and will step down, but will time it so that only his hand-picked replacement has a chance of mounting a campaign.

The Tea Party will continue its march toward irrelevance. Nobody will care.

Jeff Flake easily wins the Senate Seat and becomes Senator for life, despite his railing against “career politicians” early in his career. He will go on to be a reliable vote in the Senate, except for when he changes his mind and is a “maverick”.

The dissent within the ranks of the AZ GOP will continue to grow, yet nobody inside the party will have the guts to actually do anything about Tom Morrissey’s continued malfeasance and incompetence. Handicapped by unproductive infighting and an inability to fundraise the party will be a non-factor in the 2012 election.

The media and Democrats will develop a sudden interest in Tom Morrissey’s sordid past some time around October and use it to try to play a guilt by association game with any/all prominent Republicans running for office. Anyone who has had a photo taken with Morrissey will be fair game.

Pantsless Mark Spinks will make another failed attempt at running for office (New LD18 House) and will be crushed. Again. Like every other time he’s run for anything. He will still not get the hint.

from HJS:

If everything in the Islamic world changes as the Muslim people themselves want them to change, the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups will help bring about not necessarily friendship with the West, but at least a concordat with each Muslim nation that creates a climate for peace and a search for prosperity among the people of those nations. This concordat may be the first step towards a needed newfound tolerance for minor deviations in beliefs, which will encourage a relaxation of impractical standards. The sharia may undergo regional review for standardization and less reliance on stringent interpretations of the Sunnah.

If the West stands tough and fair, but stops acting like stupid little kids, they may enjoy a new breath of fresh air from the East. People like those in our administration should keep their mouths shut and just watch people who know something!


from Jon Altmann:

National Politics:

The nominee of the GOP will play down to the wire. The polls and votes slide more than a hockey puck at the Olympics.

President Obama will campaign to get the middle class vote - and will get a lot of support from folks who feel more like the 99% and less than the 1%

Congress won't see great change in 2012, but in 2014, incumbents are in danger. Latest reports say that members of Congress saw their personal wealth increase and average of 15% during 2011, while most Americans experienced a decline of 8% in their personal finances. The backlash is coming, just not yet.

Politicians will generally pay lip service to veterans, military members and their families, but will continue to try to strip out the military pension and under-fund the Veterans Administration,who is caring for more severe long term war injuries than it has seen since World War II.

Arizona Politics:

  • Tea Party will be no one's party, but it will continue to make a lot of noise.

  • The Arizona GOP will continue to fight within its ranks making the party structure almost useless to candidates.

  • The opportunity for independent voter groups and cohilitions to formalize as dominate forces, particularly towards more reasonable middle ground will increase.

  • Legislators who embrace extreme positions will be in their twilight of service.

  • Ben Quayle is easily re-elected, as will be Gabby Giffords. Paul Gossar will lose re-election.

  • State Rep. Heather Carter will become the next Majority Leader in the State House and Speaker Andy Tobin will continue to lead the House.
  • Richard Carmona will face off Jeff Flake in the U.S. Senate race.

Valley Politics
  • Mayor Greg Stanton will turn out to be the diplomat and peace maker.

  • Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane will face tough opposition.

  • Mesa Mayor Scott Smith will emerge as a serious candidate for Governor.

  • Andy Kunasek and Max Wilson will be easily re-elected to the County Supervisors, as will Sheriff Joe.

  • Sal DiCiccio will open an exploratory committee for Congress with great Tea Party and conservative backing.

  • David Burnell Smith will move into a new district in an attempt to keep his seat.


  • Former Fiesta Bowl leaders will continue to brought up on charges.

  • The Coyotes will become NHL champs.

  • ASU will go to to a top bowl game.

  • The Diamondbacks won't make the play-offs.

from Tyler Montague:

Presidential politics: Romney/Rubio ticket, with a Republican win. Stock market responds enthusiastically to the sudden injection of true hope and change. Keith Olbermann and Bill Maher move to France. We repeal Obamacare; dramatically simplify the tax code and sharply reduce the tax and regulatory burden on businesses and individuals alike; shrink and streamline government; fix the entitlement programs once and for all; fix immigration both effectively and in a way we can be proud of, eliminate foreign oil dependency with home-drilling and nuclear-fueled electric technology; replace Ginsberg and Breyer with the only human cloning we approve of: clones of Antonin Scalia. The economy bursts at the seams. We live happily ever after. Democrats still complain that we would be happier with something more like Cuba, and they protest the election on account that they didn’t vote because they thought the world was going to end on December 12th. Hillary Clinton stabs Obama in the back somehow during the year to contest the nomination, or at least tries to oust Biden and get herself on the ticket.

2. AZ politics: Jeff Flake gets Jon Kyl’s seat, political consultants get Wil Cardon’s money. Kirk Adams surges to a CD6 win as people examine what Matt Salmon has been up to over the last decade. We finally pick off Democratic Rep. Raul Grijalva, in spite of the ineptitude and lack of fundraising and support displayed the state party.

3. Russell Pearce attempts some sort of run, and the voters, led by the faith and business communities, say, "No, seriously, we meant it. You're done."

4. Voters finally get sick of Joe Arpaio's scandals and lawsuits and financial mismanagement. Tea Party members finally realize what other conservatives already know: ignoring the Bill of Rights, ignoring sex crimes against children, and wasting money is NOT conservative. On top of that, everyone remembers that Arpaio endorsed Janet Napolitano, and Republicans kick Arpaio to the curb, proving once again that the Republican Party is the party of principle.

5. Late in the year, after Romney wins, Israel finally takes matters into their own hands and does something to Iran. The worldwide left freaks out. Obama condemns Israel—and they ignore Obama—and ultimately nothing bad happens, because what could Iran do that they aren’t already doing to Israel?

6. Diamondbacks and Cardinals make the playoffs. My beloved Suns…”rebuilding year.” Prove me wrong, Suns; prove me wrong! ASU football has a better season than last; Vontaz Burfict gets arrested for violence in a bar.

7. Apple hires a team of psychics to communicate with Steve Jobs on the other side, so he can continue to manage the rollout of the iPhone 5. The phone is a smash hit.

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