Thursday, December 30, 2010


Well folks it's that time of year again!  Ringing out 2010 and bringing in 2011. 

2010 was a wonderful year for Republicans!  We gained 63 seats in the US House of Representatives and nearly took over the Senate (2012 that will happen).

Republicans also won 680 more seats in State Legislatures (here in AZ, the GOP gained super-majorities in the House & Senate).

The most satisfying win of 2010 to me was the re-election of Senator John McCain! His THUMPING of J.D. Hayworth in the Primary & decisive victory in the General Election over Rodney Glassman has the 'Wackos' "peeing red"! 

Here are some predictions:

The Race for State GOP Chairman

Any of the 3 candidates, RON CARMICHAEL, BRUCE ASH, & MARTY HERMANSON would be a huge improvement over the current chairman. 

We have spoken to many State Committeeman, this is going to be a close race.  But we think that BRUCE ASH in the end will win.  He has the best name ID and will make a great chairman as would any of these fine gentlemen.

Phoenix Mayor 2011

The race is on to replace Phil Gordon as Phoenix Mayor in 2011!  So far, WES GULLETT has put in his name, along with GREG STANTON.  Two more are expected to join the race in 2011, PEGGY NEELY & CLAUDE MADDOX. 

We believe if she decides to run that PEGGY NEELY has the best chance to win.  This will be a close race between Gullett & Neely.  Should be an interesting campiagn!

Prop 203 Ramifications

With the narrow passage of Prop 203, Medical Marijuana will be legal in AZ.  But this could just be the beginning of the problems with this proposition the 'pot heads' won. 

 Watch the DUI's in Arizona skyrocket once the sale of MM starts.  This will flood the courts with jury trials.  What a mess this is going to be.

Tom Boone & the DVSD Scandal

The AZ Attorney General's Office is now investigating TOM BOONE and Valley Schools Management Group (VSMG) for numerous violations.  Hope he looks good in Pink?

This could become one of the biggest stories in 2011!

Some Predicions from some of our Bloggers:

"I believe the GOP will finally reconcile with the Tea Party and Jim De Mint will become a viable candidate for president with three major contenders for VP: Sarah Palin (who may turn it down), John Bolton, and Newt Gingrich.

Of course, Hilarious Rotten Clinton will run away with the primary against the empty suit in the White House."


"The New England Patriots will win the Superbowl.

Things will continue to be focused "locally", leading to a conservative/republican majority for the ensuing decade. (yep I said decade)

Gains by the GOP at the state level was 694 seats which is 35% more than Republican elections of 1994 (with Dem defections that number is now over 700). And of course there's the lovely 'redistricting', which as of now plays right into that majority in a big way nationwide. To make a long story short from the Governor positions down, folks will continue to spend/contribute/run for office and be far better positioned to protect the new seats and actually win over more.

In order to retain House and Senate seats at the national level (and win more) the GOP, Tea Party type and various organizations that support candidates other than Democrats will have to raise 35% more money than they raised and spent on the mid-terms. Sounds nearly impossible doesn't it . . . but you watch . . it'll happen.

Zogby stated that during this last cycle 44% of Americans listened to the NRA's message and 42% of independents did the same. Look for those numbers to hit the 50% mark (right up there with the Tea Party etc.)

Unemployment will 'officially' hit and remain in double digits.

The number of US cities facing bankruptcy will increase from 16 to 34. The number of states will also increase.

Obama will NOT shift to the 'center'.

Thanks to Obama and the EPA, additional costs to power plants and oil refineries will be passed on to businesses and from businesses to us.

The 'rest' my friends is a complete and total free for all. Up for grabs as it were. No one could possibly come close to predicting it."

~The Madirishman

Here are some predictions from our readers:

Brett Mecum will move back in with his parents in NY and return to his security guard career.


"Brett Mecum will go to work for Hairclub for Men:)

Brett Mecum will propose to Randy Pullen

Cops will do an episode featuring a bust at AZ GOP headquarters!"

~Ski Bum

"Carol Turoff, who runs the anonymous blog, the worst kept secret in town, will mistakenly post something extremely scandalous about a respected GOP leader (like Jon Kyl, Jeff Flake or John Shadegg, who she regularly attacks). The news, which will probably be something like them having an affair with a little boy, will be carried around the world and on the Drudge Report, and when it is discovered to be false, will be all anyone remembers about her."


"Bruce Ash wins party chairman and appoints Brett Mecum as his replacement as National committeeman from AZ

Randy Pullen gets a job working inside the private prison industry (pun intended)

Shiree Verdone is recognized as the "go to" political strategist and puts Nathan Sproul out of biz. "

~Wilbur the Wildcat

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