Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The truth about Phoenix Council Candidate Eric Frederick

The truth about Phoenix Council Candidate
Eric Frederick

Recent Financial Problems

United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Arizona, Case No. 2:10-BK-09279

Discharged more than $130,000 in debts in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy action. August 2010.

Voting Record

  • Eric Frederick first registered to vote in Maricopa County in March, 2006, living in Gilbert, AZ

  • He failed to vote in both the 2006 State and County Primary and General Elections.
  • He failed to vote in the 2010 State and County Primary Elections.
He failed to vote in the 2007 and 2009 Phoenix City Elections. Eric Frederick registered to vote in Gilbert in March 2006.

  • He moved and re-registered in Phoenix in October 2006.
  • He moved again and re-registered in Glendale in September 2010.
  • He moved again and re-registered in Phoenix in December 2010.

Is Eric Frederick an opportunist with financial problems just looking to take advantage of the Tea Party mantra so he can get a $61,000 city council position with a pension?

  • Financial problems
  • Poor civic voting record

  • Very little time living in Phoenix

Does your Phoenix City Council need a carpet bagger?


Anonymous said...

Eric Fredericks is a crook

Rochelle Woods said...

I am a previous business partner of Eric and he is a liar. He has never paid his bills and he is a deceitful person.

He cannot even manage is personal life and we want him to lead a city.


Unknown said...

Keep Phoenix safe and do not vote for Eric Frederick

Unknown said...

I was just notified that Eric was running for City Council. I was previously insured by Eric's company and I understand why he filed bankruptcy. He is a terrible business man.

Bethany said...

Eric does not even care enough to vote in a City Election. He is a carpet bagger who has lived in other cities and only lived in phoenix for to run for city Council

Unknown said...

The Tea Party should have been smart enough to screen their candidates. Eric Frederic is BANKRUPT and Wes Harris is a convicted Felon, see the court records.

Hey maybe "Felons For Frederick"

FFF rated.

Berrelli said...

That is good..

Felons For Frederick, his top adviser is Wes Harris, convicted felon.

Lets see... Eric Bankrupt, "show me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are..

Eric Frederick is a crook