Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jerry Lewis for LD-18 Senate: Letter from an LD-18 Voter

For Immediate Release: October 11, 2011

Contact: John Giles

Subject: Rhetoric

"Fraud, Plant, Treasonous, and Terrorist." Are these the kinds of words you want to represent you and your values? This is not the Mesa I know or the Mesa I have raised my family in. This is the Mesa that we are allowing by electing a Senator who I believe has forgotten that he is a servant of the people.

  • He calls Jerry Lewis a "fraud." Here

  • He calls Jerry Lewis a "plant." Here

  • His family is emailing around a story accusing Jerry of stealing from homeless kids, when his team saved and purchased the school. Lewis has also helped the school improve it's results. The attack is a lie and Mr. Pearce knows it.

  • His family and his friends were involved in recruiting a fake candidate to deceive the voters. Here (Apparently constitutional conservatives now believe that, "the ends justify the means.")

  • He called Jon Kyl a "Traitor" for trying to work with our Republican President on immigration reform. Here

  • He called our President’s immigration plan “terrorism” for his views on immigration.

Is this still the party of optimism? The party led by Reagan, a leader who would sit down with Tip O’Niel after a tough day of negotiation.

Russell Pearce is a great guy to his friends. How does he treat those who challenge him or disagree? What will he say and do to hold on to power? The voters in Mesa are beginning to find out.

John Giles, Mesa Resident

Paid for By Jerry Lewis for Senate

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