Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Taxpayer dollars for electioneering?

Are taxpayers subsidizing campaign work for Greg Stanton?

PHOENIX – Do you need a clearer sign of wasted and misused taxpayer money?

With a proliferation of street signs paid for by public-employee unions popping-up all over Phoenix and $3.7 million of Phoenix taxpayer dollars going to pay city employees to work exclusively for labor unions, the question remains: How much of Phoenix taxpayers dollars are subsidizing Greg Stanton’s campaign for Mayor?

A recent report by the Goldwater Institute found that Phoenix taxpayers are paying an average of $3.7 million for public employees to do union work. These contracts were supported by Stanton during his nine years on the Phoenix City Council. Union members are being released for more than 73,000 hours of time to conduct union business on the taxpayers’ dime – and those same unions are apparently using taxpayer supplemented funds to support and campaign for Greg Stanton.

In recent days, union signs supporting Stanton have gone up all over town. Additionally, there are reports that union members are walking door-to-door campaigning for Stanton.

1) Are they being paid by taxpayers to knock on doors for Greg Stanton?

2) Are union members getting paid by taxpayers to put up signs for Greg Stanton?

3) Are taxpayer dollars subsidizing union functions to free up money for Stanton’s signs?

No wonder the union supported candidates have been elected Mayor time and again.

No one has asked these tough questions. But it’s time for some answers.


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