Friday, September 16, 2011

Red State Presidential Horse Race: September 15: Perry Holds. Bachmann Implodes.

Perry Holds. Bachmann Implodes.

Rick Perry has locked in his front runner lead and in a novel twist of things, some Democrats are starting to panic. Why? Because the way Perry talks about immigration works to his advantage with hispanic immigrants and hispanic immigrants want someone other than Obama.

At the same time, Michele Bachmann seems to have hit the self-destruct button on her campaign. Even Ed Rollins is less than “all in” for her it seems.


Mitt Romney has a problem and it is bigger than Rick Perry's problem -- he's boxing himself in on entitlement reform in a way that hurts him both with tea party activists and non-tea party activists.

Then there's Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, and Santorum. They continue to struggle. A brouhaha has hit the Herman Cain campaign. Huntsman has no sense of humor. Santorum continues to be this year's Admiral Stockdale, and Gingrich's posturing at Monday's debate suggests a man reconciled to his fate.

We'll get into it all in today's Horse Race... Click Here to Read Erick's Full Analysis!

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