Friday, September 16, 2011

NEWS ALERT: Stanton wants food tax to fund his spending addiction

Under Stanton, tax would be in place for at least another 2 years

PHOENIX – Career-politician Greg Stanton wants to continue taxing Phoenix residents’ groceries in order to pay for his big-government, big-spending addiction.

Wes Gullett yesterday pledged to repeal the food tax once elected Mayor, which would pump an estimated $50 million back into the local economy at a time when the unemployment rate is over 9 percent.

Career-politician Greg Stanton, on the other hand, wants to protect government – not taxpayers. Dodging the question, Stanton revealed to the Arizona Republic that if he wins, taxpayers would likely face the tax through at least 2013.
“Greg Stanton wants to protect government spending; I want to protect parents who are struggling to put food on the table and wondering when they will find a job,” Gullett said. “Government doesn’t need more revenue. As long as this tax stays in place, politicians like Greg Stanton will have another excuse to avoid making the tough decisions needed right now to cut spending, reform government and get Phoenix working again.”

Gullett cited a report by the Census Bureau released yesterday that shows poverty levels at their highest level since 1993.

“Phoenix families need a break and shouldn’t be forced to fork over an additional tax on their groceries to pay for the more than 40 ways that Greg Stanton has proposed growing government,” Gullett said. “Phoenix needs new ideas, new leadership and a new direction – not the same failed policies from the same failed politicians.”


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