Monday, August 29, 2011

Sonoran Alliance Blogger SHANE WIKFORS Hired By the Arizona Republican Party!

Numerous sources confirm to PM that Sonoran Alliance Head Blogger SHANE WIKFORS has been hired by the Arizona Republican Party!  Wikfors, the owner of Sonoran Alliance, is being paid $ 1,000.00 per month by the AZ GOP.

Wikfors blog has been the 'lead cheerleader' for Tea Party candidate for Mayor Jennifer Wright.  Funny how back in 2010, when they both worked for J.D. Hayworth, according to reliable sources within the Hayworth campaign, Wright called Wikfors "Really Stupid" in front of a group of supporters.

Why is Wikfors interfering in Phoenix City Elections?  He lives in Mesa, not Phoenix.  Many of our readers have complained to us about this hypocrisy. 

The Sonoran Alliance Blog has been a longtime adversary of Senator John McCain and other elected officials.

Stephen Lemons from the Phoenix New Times has this to say:

As for Sonoran Alliance, which has zero shame in its game, allows writers to post anonymous articles, puts up press releases verbatim, and has sided with likely-to-be-disbarred ex-County Attorney Andrew Thomas despite all of his alleged illegal activities, its moral high horse is more of an ancient mule inching toward the glue factory.

Case in point: SA's reprint of pseudo-reporter Linda Bentley's column in the Sonoran News (different pub, similar name and wingnuttiness) wherein she slimed an innocent American citizen, held her up as an example of "massive voter registration fraud," and suggested she had committed bigamy.

All false, BTW.

So will Wikfors be issuing a retraction? Taking down the offending article? Offering an apology to Mesa resident Benita Lantigua, an upstanding woman who merely signed the Pearce recall petition and ended up the target of right-wing calumny as a result?

I asked Wikfors about this in a comment to his SA attack on Cooper. The response? Crickets.

Not surprising, of course. When folks like Wikfors get religion, keep an eye peeled for the cloven hoof, and your nose cocked for a whiff of brimstone.
Wikfors posted an article last week called "Sonoran Alliance Calls for Ethics Investigation into Rep Daniel Patterson".   In the article, Wikfors questions the behavior of Rep. Patterson.  Well this is kind of the Pot Calling the Kettle Black.  Back in 1998, Wikfors had 'behavior problems' of his own.

The last Friday, Wikfors posts an article begging for $$$ called "Sonoran Alliance Seeking Conservative Investors".  What's wrong Shane, Jason Rose not paying the way anymore?

Maybe Wikfors needs the $$$ to pay his homeowners association?

Now as an employee of the AZ GOP, Shane Wikfors needs to recuse himself from the Sonoran Alliance Blog.  It's NOT ethical to take $$$ from a political entity and 'pretend' to be partial. 

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Bean Counter said...

Wonder if Shane had "go all Mark Spinks" on the AZGOP & get naked while staring down his female neighbors, just to get past the first interview? The party seems to have a thing for throwing $1000 per month at wannabes.