Wednesday, August 31, 2011

AZ GOP Hits New Low, Tries to Fundraise off Obama's Uncle

Just to be clear, the issue of Barack Obama's illegal alien uncle is a legitimate one.  It clearly illustrates some of the issues with our immigration system (or lack thereof).  If you want a good, reasoned take on this story, check out Power Line.

If you want a hate-fueled, cheap ploy to use this incident to raise money by a pathetic organization that is as bankrupt morally as it is financially, you'll have to check out the AZ GOP.

They've created an internet petition to get Obama's uncle deported and collect email addresses of like-minded lunatics, but mostly to collect email addresses of like-minded lunatics.

The booking photo/petition shtick serves no purpose but to try to embarrass the President by tying him to a distant relative, as if he's personally responsible for the actions for everyone he's remotely related to.  It violates the unwritten rules of leaving relatives out of politics.  It makes the party look bad - but hey, that's what Tom Morrissey and his team are good at.
And, because this is the AZGOP, there's bound to be an element of questionable ethics involved, so to cover that angle, they are advertising their petition drive on a blog that is owned by a guy who is also a paid consultant for the party.  (Also, a guy who was, just a few days ago, ranting about leaving relatives out of the political game.)

Having your consulting clients spend their ad dollars on your own blog- that's a sweet gig if you can get it.
Hey AZ GOP- Barack Obama has done enough on his own to prove that he's a failure and has been a disaster as President.  Why not focus on real, substantive criticism of his policies and actions, rather than stooping to these childish distractions?

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