Monday, June 06, 2011

Mecum's Gone, but the Drama Continues

If you hoped that Brett Mecum's departure from the AZGOP would end some of the drama, you were sorely mistaken.

The Arizona Guardian is reporting that Mecum and Morrissey arranged for Mecum to be fired, rather than resign, so that Mecum could collect unemployment:
It turns out even the former head of the Arizona Republican Party wanted a little help from the
government on his way out the door.

Brett Mecum says he was fired rather than asked to resign this week as executive director of
the party so he could collect unemployment while looking for another job.

Mecum says he could have voluntarily quit but Tom Morrissey, the new chairman of the GOP,
agreed to fire him so he could get unemployment if he needed it.
In a tiresome episode of he said/he said, Morrissey denies that:
But Morrissey says Mecum's got it all wrong. On Thursday he completely rejected Mecum's account, saying he fired his former executive director because he didn't fit in with his new management scheme.

"It was a decision I made based solely on my management style," he said during a telephone interview.

And when asked if he'd talked about firing Mecum rather than letting him leave so he could get unemployment, Morrissey said, "you can ask me that question 20 times and I'll tell you, 'no.'" 
One of them is lying.  But based on the collective reputations of these two losers, does anyone really care which one?

Oh, and in case you were worrying about Brett- don't.  He's all chillax and stuff.  You can tell by his voice, apparently.
Mecum says he's not sure where he's going now but there are several potential job opportunities out there. At least one of them is in state. So he says he's not too worried about his future right now.

"You can tell by my voice I'm not stressed out," he said. "I'm in a good place."
There's much more drama available over at the AZ Guardian's website.  If I was Rob Haney, who doesn't care about copyright law, I'd just paste it all here so you could read it.  Or I'd just pretend that I wrote the article and pass it off as my own.  But since I'm not, you'll have to head over there to get the rest.

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