Friday, May 27, 2011

Rob Haney's Fake Newspaper Apparently Now Just Straight-Up Plagiarizing

It's common practice in the blogging world to excerpt part of an article, so you can comment on it.  It's been widely upheld that this is covered under the "fair use" part of copyright law.  Generally, when you excerpt an article, you include a link back to the original, so that it's clear where the content originated.

I guess Rob Haney's fake newsletter didn't get that memo.  They just straight up ripped off an LA Times story as their own.  Not an excerpt, the whole article.

Since the LA Times is not attributed, at all, in this post, the average reader would be left to believe that the American Post Gazette has a writer named David G. Savage that works in their Washington Bureau.  People who don't know that APG is a fake newspaper run by Haney and Tom Husband could be fooled into thinking this is a legitimate news source.

I think it's interesting how these "conservatives" are always interested in the rule of law, except when it doesn't serve them.

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