Friday, May 13, 2011

WELFARE DAD: Carl Seel's house gets EXTREME MAKEOVER at same time lawmaker gets $100K gift from bank


For at least three years, Arizona House Representative Carl Seel hasn't put any money or elbow grease into his home just north of Turf Paradise.

Not surprisingly, his name never appeared as a sponsor of one of the "dilapidated dwelling" bills run through the legislature this session.

Yesterday, PM reported on the news that Seel reneged on an agreement to submit a strike everything amendment for a Realtor who helped Seel navigate the complicated loan modification process.

Long story short, Seel got his thrice defaulted $191K mortgage modified to under $90K and the Realtor got a great interview with KPHO, Channel 5.

Realtor Darrell Blomberg believes Seel misued his position as a state lawmaker to gain a loan modification that had eluded Seel for OVER three years.

Seel's original mortgage was written in March 2005 for $166K. He refinanced in August 2006 for over $191K. Seel pulled out over $25,000 CASH during that deal.

The self-proclaimed conservative "businessman" has been in default of his 2006 refi since 2007!

The KPHO video showed that Seel's $100k gift from the bank wasn't the only gift he received.

We here at PM hardly recognized the house featured in the KPHO story on Seel.

Our previous stories on Seel's three foreclosures showed quite a different house than this week's news video.

Seel's residence has received a dramatic makeover IN ADDITION to a $100k cut on the mortgage.

There are many obvious updates, including a brand new roof, a full exterior paint job, some new plantings and a new entry way. The interior window treatments appear new as well. Even the the a/c unit is shiny and "freshened up".

"Extreme Makeover 2011 Home Edition" raises even more questions about the lawmaker's undeclared freebies from the bank.
  • Did the bank really foreclose on Seel, fix up the house but "resell" him the home before putting it on the market?

  • Do all loan modifications now come with $1,000's of dollars in upgrades and labor?

  • How could Seel afford to pay for the upgrades himself since he couldn't afford to pay his mortgage in over three years & makes only $24,000 per year?

  • Did Seel "convince" the bank that he would get legislation passed that would make foreclosing on homeowners much more difficult?

  • Did Seel get Ron Gould to work on his a/c too?
Seel was an embarrassment to Arizona even before he stalked fellow-birther, Donald Trump, and was punked in a photo radar "news story" on The Comedy Channel's The Daily Show.

He failed to get elected to the Corporation Commission in 2004 and the House in 2006.

Just days before Seel was elected in the 2008 September primary, the first of his three scheduled trustee sales was abruptly cancelled.

A source told PM that a rich, county GOP sympathizer bailed Seel out so his election wouldn't be compromised by the bad news. Just months after his benefactor enabled his irresponsibility, Seel defaulted again.

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Tony GOPrano said...

Great article 'Iron Fist'! Corruption like this, no matter what political party it is from, cannot be tolerated!

Seel claims to be "Mr. Conservative" but he lives off the 'government tit' like the liberals he lectures about.

My wife & I have tried for 3 years to get a loan modification with no success. Since we pay our Mortgage on time and are not behind on oor payments, they won't do anything.

Guess you have to be a 'deadbeat legislator' to get a 'sweetheart' deal?