Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Public Question for Congresswomen Gifford's Staff

All of us remember that horrible January day in Tucson when Congresswomen Gifford's(CD-8) and others were so tragically injured and killed by what Pima County Sheriff Dupnick called a mentally ill person. In my professional past I have seen victims of crimes and accidents sustain terrible head trauma. I have seen first hand the tragedy this causes for not only the victim but the victims families as well. In reading the press releases by Congresswoman Gifford's political staff and her husband it is truly one of Gods miracles that she is doing so well, yet, so far she has been sequestered away from press and the public which is understandable at this point.

We all hope and pray that the Congresswomen has a complete recovery but the question we must start to ask ourselves is how long will or could this take. It has been 4 months since the tragedy which has caused representation for the voters of CD-8 to cease. I feel the question needs to be asked at what point do the voters deserve to have returned to them Congressional representation and votes on very important issue's that are coming before Congress? I feel we can both look forward to a full recovery for "Gabby" but discuss the rights of her constituents for Congressional representation as well.

Walt Stephenson
Chairman Republican Party LD-28

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