Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Dean Martin dancing away from increasing state spending by $3.7 billion

Dancin' Dean!

No response on why Dean Martin joined Janet Napolitano in increasing state spending by $3.7 billion

Phoenix – Dean Martin still hasn’t come forward to explain why he voted for Janet Napolitano’s budget increases 3 out of 4 years or the fact that he sponsored 15 Napolitano budget bills.

Since Martin hasn’t explained his votes to increase spending by nearly $4 billion, we assume that he will continue to
dance away from the subject.


“Perhaps he isn’t offering an explanation because there’s no escaping this track record as a big spender. He can’t dance his way out of it,” said Former Attorney General Grant Woods, Co-Chair of Governor Jan Brewer 2010, “Voters should remember that Governor Jan Brewer is the one who has reduced state spending more than any other governor in state history. Jan Brewer is the true fiscal
conservative in this race.”

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