Monday, January 15, 2007

'The race for Republican State Chairman'

Yesterday's 'Arizona Republic' had an interesting article concerning the upcoming race for State Republican Chairman. The article talks about the fact that if Randy Pullen is elected as the Chairman, donations to the party will dry up. Pullen, twice a loser for Mayor of Phoenix, says in the article that "I don't believe that for an instant, quite frankly," he said. "The donors will give money to the party. They always have, and they always will."
Lisa James, the other candidate for Chairman, disagrees. "The chairman has to work hard to raise money," she said. "The money doesn't just come in." (The money people I have spoken to say they won't donate if Pullen is chair.)

James, a 100% Pro-Life Conservative candidate brings a fresh approach to this campaign. She actually has a plan that builds the party 'from the Precinct up'.

Pullen, who's wife Katherine, gave $1.025.00 to the WISH LIST, a pro-abortion group formed back in 1992 (so much for Rob Haney's Litmus Test?)
asked Lisa James if she would become the next Executive Director of the Republican Party, she declined. Word on the street says that since James turned him down, Pullen will choose ethically challenged Phil 'Push Poll' Mason as the next ED. The controversial Mason, a long-time fixture in Arizona politics, would further divide the Republican Party. Let's hope that rumor is not true.

The thing that really separates these two candidates is the fact that President George W. Bush TWICE chose Lisa James to run his Arizona campaigns. That is all I need as I completely trust President Bush and Lisa James.


Maricopa Isn't Evil said...

Oh lord, that old chestnut? With the majority of WISH list pro-choicers endorsing Lisa James and the majority of pro-lifers endorsing Pullen, you've already lost that argument. Trying to hit Pullen on the pro-life argument isn't just a distortion, its a losing argument.

And your spin on the Republic article does the truth no service either. To try and make their point they quote two lobbyists and Lisa James' neighbor? The same guy who gave up his State Committman's seat so that she could be installed long after she failed to get her own district's support? Puh-leeze!

As the Sonoran Alliance ( blog points out, the real meat of the story is at the bottom, when Jim Click, the party's largest donor and a supporter of pro-choice "moderates" everywhere, endorses James because "she is more moderate" but makes it clear that he would be quite comfortable giving to Randy Pullen if he won.

Nice try guys...

Maricopa Isn't Evil said...

Oops, forgot you were repeating the lie about Randy offering Lisa the ED job. Great post on that Sonoran Alliance blog that tears that to shreds as well.

What happened to arguing on the basis of competency? That would be a good and nice race. Of course, if you know you're going to lose that race, then your strategy probably makes more sense...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mafioso for the informative blog.

And, we all should know that Randy Pullen gave this donation to Harry Mitchell, then State Senator. Why? I sure would like to know.

HARRY MITCHELL FOR STATE SENATE (ID: 199891422) listed the following transactions on the specified reports.
Pullen, Randall Contributed $100.00 on 10/29/1998

GOPinsider said...

It should be noted that the list of contributions to the WISH list is 5-years old and it should be noted that there are many candidates/lawmakers on that list who were running for office in 2002 and who made it standard practice to donate to any Republican organization that requested funds.