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Meet HORST KRAUS - candidate for Arizona Republican Party Treasurer

Our friends over at the 'Sonoran Alliance' asked for information on Horst Kraus, candidate for AZ GOP Party Treasurer. Mr. Kraus sent us the following:

Horst Kraus' career in Arizona politics began in 1999 when he was appointed a PC in LD-26. After redistricting he became an elected PC in LD-6.
Early on under the leadership of Bob Judd, his tent could be seen at local rodeo events, and Anthem Day’s registering Republican Voters.

Horst Kraus had already established himself as a Conservative Activist with community involvement during the New River / BATF Siege on Gavellan Peak, his leadership in the
New River Kiwanis, the New River and the Desert Hills Community Associations, as an Appointee on the I-17 Widening and Frontage Road Study Committee, and as an Appointee to the Maricopa County Capital Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) by the MC County Board of Supervisors.

Kraus provided free swimming lessons to youngsters in New River and Desert Hills to stem the tide of juvenile drowning. He was one of the main architects in raising well over a half million dollars for the construction of the Senior Citizen Center in New River and as a bonus the transfer of eighty acres of prime Federal (BLM) Land into the ownership of Maricopa County for a designated community park in perpetuity at a cost of next to nothing to the taxpayers because the New River Kiwanis Club where he served twice as president manages the park on their own fund raising ability. Horst & his wife Gigi have been given the
George F. Hixson Fellowship Award by Kiwanis International for outstanding community service.

He was elected Secretary LD-6 twice, and serves currently in that capacity.
He was elected a State Committee man in 2002, 2004 and 2006.
He was elected as a Delegate to the National GOP Convention in 2004
He attended the Western Republican Leadership Conference in Alaska in 2005
He is a member and financial contributor of the RNC
He is a member and financial contributor of the AZ GOP
He is a Member of the Scottsdale Republican Forum
He is a Member of the Jon Kyl Coffee Cup Club
He is a member of the
Republican Liberty Caucus of Arizona
He was awarded the AZGOP Medal for Untiring Work and Dedication in 2003
He was awarded GOP Volunteer of the Year for LD-6 in 2004
He worked on the Bush-Cheney Re-election Campaign in 2004 and arranged for a number of BLOG Parties at our home.
He was a Kyl Captain and worked for and contributed to the Re-election of
Senator Jon Kyl's 2006 re-election campaign.
Horst was elected President of the
Grand Canyon Pachyderm Club, a Republican Organization allied with the RNC.
He served as Treasurer of the Grand Canyon Pachyderm Club prior to becoming president and when he turned the books over to the new treasurer, the available reserves were larger than that of some of the LD’s in Maricopa County.

Horst Kraus is a successful entrepreneur and own and operate Kraus Investments LC, among a number of other real estate holdings and Shangri-La Water Works, a licensed private water utility, and Shangri-La WWTP, a private waste water reclamation plant and EPAK & Associates Inc., a lease hold and financial service corporation.

Horst enjoys working with people and ideas that are beneficial to the common good. His network of Social and Business Contacts spans a wide array of other Community Activists and associated activities
Horst & his wife are Patron Members of the
Arts Counsel of the North Valley.
They are members and financial supporters of the New River-Desert Hills-Anthem Coalition, a consortium of individuals interested and working for sound land use provisions.
They are supporters and donors to the North County Conservancy, Inc. (NCC) an organization dedicated to protecting and restoring Daisy Mountain for people and wildlife.
They are members of the
Arizona Federation of Tax Payers (AFT).
Horst is a member of the
Valley Citizens League.
Horst an accomplished Sanitarian, and a member of the Arizona Water and Pollution Control Association.

As part of his earlier involvement in the Specialty Mechanical Trade Industry in Illinois, he helped establish two tax exempt 501c3 corporations and went through the Rigors of IRS Approval but also provided for the perpetual funding vehicles.
The first one was an Education and Promotional Trust for the benefit of the DuPage County Plumbing Contractors Association and its employees. This Trust under my leadership stopped an EPA impending county wide building moratorium in 1976 through introduction and implementation of sound water management procedures and code modifications.
The second one, a Legal Action Trust was for the benefit of small Mom and Pop plumbing shops nationwide that could alone not stand up against the unfair trade practices by utility companies giving away free water heaters for customers who switched from one to another fuel source. Again, this trust with its substantial financial backing caused a Connecticut Statewide Gas Company in 1977 to refrain from this practice.

Horst Kraus doesn't need a title nor does he need another job; but he would appreciate your vote to become part of the team that will put the Arizona GOP on the front burner and secure victory for its candidates in the 2008 general election.
Horst Kraus - candidate for AZ GOP Party Treasurer

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On behalf of the entire blogosphere, we definitely want the GOP to have a naked treasurer. Consider this my endorsement.