Monday, March 11, 2013

Rep. BOB THORPE is a Hero, Stands Up Against PAChyderm Coalition's Phony Legislator Rankings!

KUDOS to new State Representative from LD-6 BOB THORPE for having the courage to stand up against the phony Rankings done by the PAChyderm Coalition (now called the AZ Conservative Coalition see our article from last week)!

The ridiculous rankings the ACC puts out every week are laughable!  Carl Seel is their #1 ranked legislator?  What parallel universe do these people live in?

Rep. Thorpe wrote this to his constituents:


As a new state legislator, I attended one of the Pachyderm meetings, and haven’t gone back. I am totally unimpressed with the biased, arbitrary way they score our legislators and their bills. For example:

Rep. David Livingston works in insurance. He authored a bill so that AZ insurance brokers would be in compliance with the rest of the nation regarding continuing education credits. This is important because many brokers sell policies over state lines, and without the CE credits, AZ brokers would no longer be in compliance with the rest of the industry. This bill had absolutely no fiscal impact on the state and our taxpayers, and was requested / wanted by the AZ insurance agents and associations. Livingston was applauded by his industry for this and several other insurance related bills.

For authoring and for voting for his own bill, Pachyderm gave Livingston something like –100 points. Just like me, Livingston is a good, solid fiscal conservative, and Pachyderm’s treatment really shook him up, and angered me.

Pachyderm mistreated Livingston, and has done so to other fiscal conservatives for years, including our Speaker of the House Andy Tobin and Rep. Karen Fann, both from LD-1. I’ve decided not to even care about Pachyderm and their biased rating system, and I hope you’ll do the same.

Please see a recent email below about the latest Pachyderm ratings:

 March 1, 2013

The Pachyderm Coalition has recently changed its name to the Arizona Conservative Coalition, and has just published its first edition of Legislator Ratings for this session. This list reflects legislative actions as of 2/22/2013. It was last Updated 2/28/2013

Legislators are assigned to a group based on their latest rating. Note that these have changed from last year.

Individual grades for Arizona’s Representatives and Senators follow Howard Levine’s narrative. Check out your elected members and hold them accountable with facts.

If you are ever concerned about any of our legislator’s bills or votes, then please take the time to first read the bills, then contact the legislator if you still have questions or concerns about the bill’s purpose.

Please feel free to forward this email.

Warmest regards,

AZ State Representative Bob Thorpe, LD-6

We here at Politico Mafioso congratulate Rep. Thorne on standing up for what is right!  I for one can hardly wait to meet Bob & shake his hand to thank him for what he has done.  BRAVO Sir!

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