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Governor Jan Brewer Unveils Draft Legislation to Restore Arizona’s Medicaid Program


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Governor Jan Brewer Unveils Draft Legislation to Restore Arizona’s Medicaid Program

Plan will Boost Economy, Protect Hospitals and Save Arizona Lives

PHOENIX – Joined at the Arizona State Capitol by a broad coalition of supporters, including patients, physicians and business leaders, Governor Jan Brewer today unveiled draft legislation for her Medicaid Restoration Plan.

This thoughtful, conservative plan will stimulate the Arizona economy, protect rural and safety-net hospitals and provide quality, cost-effective health care to Arizona’s working poor.

"As public officials, it is our duty to uphold the best interests of our state and the citizens we serve," said Governor Brewer. "I urge legislators to take a step back and reflect upon the real, human impact of refusing to pass this critical legislation.

"It’s simple. If we do not restore AHCCCS, hundreds of thousands of Arizonans will continue to lack health coverage, and nearly 60,000 more stand to lose coverage on January 1, 2014. There is no Plan B. I thank Representative Carter for her leadership on this important issue, and I stand ready and willing to work with her legislative colleagues to get this done for the people of Arizona."

Passage of Governor Brewer’s Medicaid Restoration Plan will:

  •  Inject more than $8 billion into the Arizona economy over the next four years;

  • Preserve safety-net and rural hospitals that have been pushed to the brink by overwhelming costs associated with providing uncompensated care;

  • Keep Arizona tax dollars in Arizona and;

  • Take pressure off our strained State budget.

"AHCCCS works because it leverages the private sector and employs private sector principles. AHCCCS members have their choice of health plans and doctors, and are treated in the same medical facilities used by all Arizonans," said state Rep. Heather Carter, R-District 15. "We do not have a ‘government’ health care program. What we do have is 30 years of evidence to show Arizona has found a better and more cost-effective way to serve the health care needs of our most vulnerable citizens. With the passage of this legislation, we can get it right once again."

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