Friday, February 08, 2013

You Can Make Your Small Business Appear Big, But Should You? By Amy H. Laff - Comprehensive Marketing Strategies

Small businesses spend an awful lot of time and money trying to look like bigger organizations with multiple offices and a dozens of employees.

  • email addresses that include last names, e.g.,, as if there were likely to be more than one Tony at John’s office
  • voicemail with multiple extensions and “departments,” all going to the same six or eight people
  • titles like “CEO” or “Chairman” in a company with a handful of employees
  • several “offices” listed on a website
  • interns or assistants acting as a gatekeepers, making prospects jump through hoops to get to a principal

  • I even read about one solopreneur who listed 14 employees of another firm on his About Us page. He thought it was legit since they all worked in the same office building!! This isn’t just positioning; it’s lying.

    So, is “big” really what your prospects are looking for? Unless they’re Fortune 500 companies that require specialized expertise in a multitude of areas,
    probably not. Most likely, they just want to be sure that you’ll deliver on your promises.

    To that end, you may want them to know that an assistant or intern handles your scheduling and administrative work so you can stay focused on clients’ projects, or that your company is part of a professional network or strategic alliance.

    And of course there are other qualities that you should be leveraging to convert prospects:

  • professionalism - well-designed and content-rich website, collaterals, newsletter and blog
  • expertise - demonstrated with ebooks, speeches, interviews
  • social proof - video, audio and written testimonials and reviews, press releases
  • strategy - see Duct Tape Marketing

  • But authenticity is a huge part of earning and keeping clients’ trust, and consequently, their business. 

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