Friday, February 22, 2013

The Issue is Not the Issue By HJS


Jay Leno and other entertainers have wandered about “on the street” asking questions about people whose fame must certainly be assured through name recognition at least. Some of the seemingly easy questions receive such bizarre responses, the segments have become very interesting. I do not watch those “entertainers” except after the fact via video tape, but I feel safe in saying that no one has asked the identity of Amerigo Vespucci. With the Left’s ad nauseum contrariness about simple ideas, I am surprised that they have not advanced the argument that since the South American continent was named after him, using his first name (as was the North American continent), it should have followed that the North American continent should have referred to his last name, being called Vespuccia. My heavens! Don’t they realize what value there is in such a change? How could one take seriously the theme Vespuccian Exceptionalism? Can we imagine our Kate singing “God bless Vespuccia” or coming to this country to find the “Vespuccian Dream”? The United States of Vespuccia sounds like a Groucho Marx comedy, so no one is really interested in such a change; however, if the Left thought it could create considerable consternation on the Right, they would begin discussing very loudly that it is time to create a bill that would make the change from America to Vespuccia. The more the Right and the Right-leaning Independents would argue against it, the more time and money the Left would spend just to get the Right upset. The issue is not the issue. The issue is NOT changing the name of the country—who really cares? The issue is getting the Right upset. The Left needs turmoil to rule, because they want to change the dynamics of wherever they manage to arrive at power. They want to change the country fundamentally (revolution).

As the Left says, “Never let a tragedy go to waste”. When a tragedy occurs, exploit it to exacerbate and aggravate the differences in opinions between the two sides; continually motivate the Left to put salt in the wound and rub it in—and be sure to get friendly lawmakers—helpful idiots—to start pushing laws to intensify the rancor to the point in which the Right takes an action that could conceivably justify a legal reaction—putting down an insurrection. Putting down an insurrection usually excuses many abuses of the administration in power—including doing whatever it takes to either decimate the ranks of the right, or to bring forth the planned “fundamental change” that incapacitates or outlaws the Right and gives the Left unwarranted power. Making those laws by means of an illegal process—and ensuring the Right is aware of the illegality—requires much strength and patience to avoid becoming inflamed with rage.

The issue is not the issue. Even getting the Right angry enough to react is not the real issue. The issue is revolution. How many times have you noticed the Democrat “guest” not bothering to answer the questions asked by the TV News reporter, but simply moving on to what appears to be “talking points.” The reporters’ questions are about the issue at hand—perhaps something like why the Democratic Party officials will not meet with certain GOP leaders. It is the issue at hand. Actually, the Democrat guest is not really interested in questions about that issue; he knows the issue itself does not really mean anything by itself. Remember, the issue is not the issue; the issue is remaking the country fundamentally. I hope you don’t think that the Dems have been discussing the relative pros and cons of gun control in their secret sessions. Gun control is only fuel for the fire of agitation.

Those non-Leftists who understand Gramsci and Alinski know to be very patient and very strong in their beliefs and in their leadership ability. Weak minds and knees need not apply. You must be a winner to keep the losers from winning by default. And be aware: Jim Jones may have died in the Jungle of Dementia, but his followers have found a new savior—and they are thrilled! They can’t sell you the cool-aid anymore, but watch out for the expensive coffee.


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