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Looks like the 'Kooks' have gone crazy over Gov. Jan Brewer's Plan for Medicaid! The Seeing Red Peeing Red & Sonoran Moron Alliance Blogs have both gone against the Governor (what's new?)!

Let's take a closer look at what the Governor is proposing!

GOVERNOR BREWER'S MEDICAID PLAN: The Conservative Choice for Arizona

  • First, a reality check: Nobody in Arizona has done more to oppose the Affordable Care Act than Governor Brewer. Whether pushing Congress, leading our State’s legal challenge all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court or saying ‘no’ to an Arizona-based health exchange, the Governor has consistently fought for health reforms with more patient choice, fewer costs and less bureaucracy.
    But the Affordable Care Act remains the law of the land. Now, our State’s elected leaders have a duty to do what’s best for Arizona.
    That’s why Governor Brewer has crafted a conservative plan that … upholds the will of Arizona voters who’ve twice expanded Medicaidpumps billions of dollars into our economyprotects hospitals … and keeps Arizona tax dollars in Arizona.
    Simply put, the Brewer Medicaid Plan is the right plan for Arizona.

    • No State Expense: The Brewer Medicaid Plan comes at NO COST to the General Fund. Best of all, by taking Medicaid pressure off the General Fund, we can protect critical services like Education and Public Safety.
      Upholds the will of voters: Arizonans have TWICE voted to expand Medicaid. By expanding just a little further – adding about 57,000 individuals to a Medicaid membership of more than 1 million – we can leverage federal support and vastly diminish State expenses.
      Keeps Arizona tax dollars in Arizona: Expansion of Arizona’s Medicaid program will inject nearly $8 billion into our economy over the first four years alone. This means thousands of quality jobs in every part of our state. To reject this funding – while neighboring states like California, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico have already said ‘yes’ – would only place Arizona at an economic disadvantage for years to come.
      Protects rural and safety-net hospitals: Let’s face it – uninsured Arizonans get sick just like the rest of us. When they do, they tend to show up in Emergency Rooms – with the exorbitant costs of their care borne by hospitals and the insured. Without action, the very survival of some of our hospitals is threatened, and Arizona families will continue to pay a Hidden Health Care Tax estimated at nearly $2,000 per year.



  • Why is Medicaid expansion in Arizona’s best interest?
  • What does the new Provider Assessment mean for Arizona, and when will it take effect?
  • How does the Provider Assessment protect the General Fund?
  • What if the Governor’s plan is NOT approved? How will this impact healthcare in the State of Arizona?






  • A broad Arizona coalition has stepped forward to support Governor Brewer’s Medicaid Plan. Whether small-business owners, doctors and nurses, members of the faith community or higher education leaders, these individuals know this is the right call for Arizona



From Wil Humble, MDH - Director AZ Dept of Health Services

Medicaid Plan One-stop Shop
Many business and health leaders have already expressed their support of the Governor’s plan to align AZ Medicaid eligibility with the Affordable Care Act- maximizing AZ’s return on investment… but the process of making this important plan a reality has only just begun. Your help is needed to send a clear, consistent, and powerful message to Arizona’s lawmakers that the Medicaid Coverage proposal makes sense for Arizona.
A new website was uploaded last night that provides a host of information about the Governor’s plan… which would adjust eligibility from the current 100% of the federal poverty level (for most populations) to 133% (or 138% depending on how you do the math). It would also restore the voter approved coverage next January for the “childless adult” population (whose enrollment has been frozen). At the same time, the proposal would relieve pressure on the state’s budget because the General Fund costs from the Proposition 204 Medicaid expansion would be shifted to a statewide provider assessment.
The move would bring in roughly $8B in additional federal funds over the next 4 years to serve about 300,000 additional low-income AZ folks. Without this proposal- these Arizonans would probably be left without any health coverage at all- even after the Affordable Care Act is fully implemented. That’s partly because people who make under 100% of poverty won’t qualify for the insurance premium tax credits and subsidies for cost-sharing (depending on income) under the ACA.
The new website provides a number of ways for you to express your comments about the proposal. You can:
1. share personal stories about how health insurance coverage has helped you or someone you know;
2. share your logo to show the support of your organization;
3. add your name to the list of supporters; and/or
If you know the names of your legislators you can find their contact information here. If you don’t know your legislators, you can click here to find your legislative district and return to the legislator contact site
A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that… “State Medicaid expansions to cover low-income adults were significantly associated with reduced mortality as well as improved coverage, access to care, and self-reported health”. In other words… the proposal (when implemented) will help us with our Vision of Health and Wellness for all Arizonans
Visit the new website today and let your voice be heard!
Will Humble
Will Humble, MPH
Arizona Department of Health Services

Rep. Heather Carter had this to say in yesterday's 'AZ Republic':

"Rep. Heather Carter, R-Cave Creek, chairs the House Health Committee and is expected to lead the push for expansion in that chamber. She said it’s important that Arizonans get accurate information about the governor’s plan and is concerned that the issue is being “hijacked for political sport.”
“This is an extremely complicated issue,” she said. “I think this is a great opportunity to bring accurate information to the forefront.”

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