Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stop Jan Brewer from securing our border!

Dear Friends,

That's the message of the latest round of attack ads targeting me from the Democratic Governor's Association. They think they can scare me into abandoning my duty as Governor to secure Arizona's border. But I won't give up.


Last week, President Obama renewed his call for a comprehensive immigration reform during his State of the Union Address. This crucial step brings us closer to securing our borders and fixing America’s broken immigration system. However, we are far from done.

I again visited our border last week and personally witnessed the ongoing problem. The President simply does not realize how we truly have an unsecured border in Arizona. This is why I have once again invited him to visit the Arizona border to see the problem first-hand.

As I write this, the Senate is drafting an immigration bill. I need your help to ensure that the bill recognizes border security as a top priority. It is time to stop the talk and finally secure the southern Arizona border.

Now is our chance. Please click here to make a generous gift and help me with this fight!

Will you consider making a donation of $50, $25, or even just $10 right now, to help make our voices heard in the Senate?

My continued fight and your support have not gone unnoticed. Now is the time to secure our nation’s borders and protect our citizens!

EVERY AMOUNT COUNTS and we cannot do this without you! Let's continue to remind the President that border security is a priority that will not be ignored.

Whatever you can give, please do so right now. If donating by check, please make is payable to "Jan PAC" and mail to Jan PAC, P.O. Box 3798, Phoenix, AZ 85030.

Thank you for your continued support.

My very best,


Governor Jan Brewer

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