Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Something To Consider with BRUCE ASH - "SEQUESTER"! - YouTube


Published on Feb 25, 2013
Arizona's Republican National Committeeman BRUCE ASH'S latest commentary - "SEQUESTER"!

"The Sequester scare is a fraud.

The president created it. He has perpetuated it.

Notwithstanding protests by the White House and their media allies it is a fact Mr. Obama proposed the sequester. It was supposed to be a hammer. Not policy.

The Republican House has subsequently passed two serious alternatives which Harry Reid has refused to even consider. While the president can bluster about needing more revenue he got $600B more taxes on New Year's Day. Now he wants "to move the goal posts" on taxes again rather than seriously discuss long term
spending cuts .

Despite the president's protests; the sequester IS NOT A SPENDING CUT. The sequester IS actually less NEW spending .

Only in Washington DC could LOWER increases in NEW spending be politicized as "draconian " and described as CUTS.

The president spoke recently and used Homeland Security officers as human props to threaten the nation claiming our airports and borders won't be safe , our food won't be inspected , teachers will be fired and Social Security checks will not be processed unless he gets his way on new taxes demonstrating the White House's lack of sincerity about deficit reduction. Even if every rich guy in America paid 100% in taxes we would still borrow nearly a trillion dollars next year to balance the budget.

Republican's in Congress must hold democrats to the cause of serious deficit reduction and not be influenced again to do a deal with the president under duress caused by media and presidential mis representation"

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