Monday, February 11, 2013



Something to Consider with Bruce Ash, AZ's Republican National Committeeman!

"When I was a kid I played cops and robbers and Army with my school yard friends all the time. That's what little boys do.

I never owned a gun as a kid but I frequently went shooting with my father , grandfather and sisters. My sisters and I all learned how to shoot in the same NRA safety course. It was great fun. I still enjoy shooting just as much today with my two sons.So do millions of Americans.

Today we live in an over reactive society ........

Yes , we've had some horrible tragedies but the tendency today is to over react to anything related to guns. I couldn't help but laugh when I heard about the lad whose crime was brandishing a toy Lego gun on the bus or the young school yard hero playing Army-- throwing a pretend grenade to save his fellow soldiers. Kid's stuff. Not violence.

The mood here in Tucson is just as goofy.......gun buy backs & restrictive gun ordinances . Even a friend who has been playing tennis at a local high school for years turned away because the school is on "lock down" after Sandy Hook ?

American men and's time we throttle back the rhetoric and politically correct talk. Let kids be kids. Approach American violence with reason--not over reaction . Before we cross over the line removing basic liberties Americans have enjoyed for over two centuries let's take a real deep breath."

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